Every Home bar Requires These Essentials

The home bar is still popular in many households today, especially if you’re privileged enough to own a man cave. If you’re just starting out however, you may be a little unfamiliar with what home bar equipment and accessories are required.

Here’s a few tips that help with making those important decisions. After all, you don’t want to look amateurish when your pals come around for a quiet beer.

The Bar Itself

Of course if you don’t already have a home bar, you’re going to need one. There’s various different styles of home bar so you’ll want to make sure you choose a suitable one for your desired location.

Measure out the area you have, as this will determine which type of bar will fit. The size and shape can vary, and you may find an ‘L’ shaped bar more suitable.

Small bars are totally acceptable, and may be more logical. You can always supplement your bar with a liquor cabinet. Keep in mind that less can sometimes be better, but if you do have lots of room, there’s some ripping large bars available. You may find something suitable among this man cave furniture.

Wine Glass Bottle Rack

Behind every good bar should be a wine glass rack. Ideally, you may want your glasses at hand just like heading down to the pub. Finding   suitable wine glass hanging rack requires research, but if you’d like a really good one that holds 40 glasses, click here.

This rank also hold wine bottles above the rack, and even has hooks for coffee mugs.

Wine Glass Shelves

Yes, we’ve already spoken about a wine glass rack, but your place may be better suited to wine glass shelves. Although some of these constitute racks also, they are more wall type hanging pieces. You can get an idea of what I’m talking about by visiting these wine glass shelves.

You may not have the room for a larger wine glass rack, so considering smaller shelves that accommodate a lesser storage capacity could be ideal. The style of these racks can also bring ambiance to your bar, which some larger features may not.

Beer Keg Fridge

If you intend serving your own brewed beer, or just chilled beer from a keg, then you may consider purchasing your own beer keg refrigerator. These are a wonderful idea, and beer on tap always impresses your mates.

Again, these come in various sizes so check out the space you have before deciding on a model. I’ve listed some good beer keg fridges here, which will give you some idea of what to expect.

You’ll obviously need to source your beer kegs, but you can also buy your own empty kegs for storing your own brew. This is one alternative to a normal fridge for bottled beer.

Moscow Mule Mugs

Okay, not an essential item I know, but the ladies may appreciate a Moscow Mule mug placed in your new bar. These drinks have become popular again, and it’s always refreshing to drink out of a genuine copper Moscow Mule Mug.

For those that are interested, Here’s a range of Moscow Mule mugs that I’ve previously sourced.

These are not only great for your own bar, but they’re also a great gift idea.

Wet Bar Advert

Wine Refrigerator

Well, we’ve spoken about the beer fridge for tapping beer, but what about a wine refrigerator. Nobody likes their Sauvignon Blanc warm, so you’re going to require somewhere to keep chilled wine.

These specifically designed wine fridges are made for keeping the wine at the correct temperature, unlike normal kitchen fridges which are ideally created for food.

You’ll find this wine fridge article will explain what to look for in a wine fridge, and what benefits your wine will get.


Bar Stools

Well, you can’t have your mates all standing around the bar all night. Offer them somewhere to sit with a set of bar stools. You wouldn’t believe the range of bar stools available these days, much better that in the 1980’s!

Depending on your bar location, you could decide on a more rustic look, or a slimline touch. A high back stool or no back stool. Padded or non padded. There’s a stool set available for any occasion.

You may require more functionality, such as swivel stools or a foot rest. Take a look at these bar stools and get thinking about which will suite your home bar.

Lockable Liquor Cabinet

As a compliment to your home bar, a liquor cabinet where you can lock alcohol away is a great idea. I’d suggest you’ll require extra room for this, alternatively, use this cabinet as your bar. 

You can see a list of lockable liquor cabinets here, and some of them can be used as a small mini bar. The lockable aspect is great for keeping expensive bottles safe, and also stop those pesky teenagers from raiding your collection.

Cocktail Shaker Set

Oh yes, every good home bar will need a cocktail shaker. We all want to mimic Tom cruise from the movie ‘Cocktail’ from time to time, and I’ve sourced some of the best cocktail shakers you can buy on Amazon.

These cocktail shakers come as basic or more advanced sets. There’s 2 main kinds of cocktail shaker, the Cobbler and the Boston. Both have their admirers but serve the same purpose.

However, your new bar will not be complete without a new cocktail shaker set.

Scotch Decanter

Ah yeah, you thought you were done with the cocktail shaker. There is one other essential home bar piece of equipment, the whiskey decanter. What type of bar or liquor cabinet would be with out a scotch decanter set? Only an incomplete bar!

You can see my list of favorite scotch decanters which look absolutely classy. I love whiskey decanters because the ooze style and give that vintage appeal. A buyers guide is also attached to the list of decanters, which will give you some idea of what to look for.

Wine Aerator

You may not think there’s any need for a wine aerator, and depending on your indulgence and taste of wine, it may not be necessary. Some people however swear by them, so I’m just putting it out there.

You can see some of the wine aerators here, which softens the tannin’s and releases your wine aromas.

Admittedly, these are not essential to your new bar, but a wine aerator will be a talking point.

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