Best Beer Keg Fridges 2018 - For Stylish Storage

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We’ve either got one or know somebody who has. The humble man-cave where the boys like to gather to watch sport and chew-the-fat. And for those of us that own our man-cave, we don’t like to be outdone. It’s a constant challenge to keep updating and fitting out our greatest asset and therefore we’ve decided to review the best beer keg fridges for this year.

Having a large full size built-in bar is one thing but if you don’t have the funds for this, then a beer keg fridge is a piece of bar furniture that will really impress the boys! After all, grabbing a beer from your beer fridge is nice but having a lovely brew, even a home brew, poured into an icy cold glass from a beer tap just takes the experience to the next level.

You may think that kegs are just for commercial bars and hotels, well they are. But more people are creating their own craft beers and want it stored in a keg, so they can access it by tap. You can find empty kegs on selling sites such as Ebay or Amazon.

Fill the keg with your homebrew using your CO2 tank to pressurize it. Alternatively, you can take the keg to a brewery (smaller brewers are more accommodating) and purchase beer from them and they will fill it for you. Now you’re ready to fit the keg to your beer keg refrigerator.


Beer Keg Fridges Buying Guide

There’s a bit to think about when purchasing a new beer keg fridge, the most important being size. So, let’s get straight into things and check out what you should be looking out for.

Single or Multi Keg Unit


If you only have a small area such as an apartment or man-cave that is not as big as you’d like, then a single kegerator is probably going to suite you better. The great thing about these smaller coolers is that they are much more maneuverable, so you can take them outside quite easily on a sunny day.

The downside is that they will not hold as much beer, boo! To be honest though, you’ll still get approximately 15½ gallons of beer which equates to about 165 12oz servings of your amber fluid. The other problems associated with the single keg units are that due to the lower capacity, they may not be able to be built into a countertop as many are made solely for freestanding purposes.

You may also have the issue of your CO2 tank not fitting into the unit, therefore it will have to be placed conveniently beside the unit. This all depends on the model and size of your single keg fridge.


You’re going to expect a larger expense if you buy a multi keg unit, but it’ll certainly be worth the money. You’d better make sure that you have the space available for one of these, but you do have options. You see they come in various sizes that hold from 2-5 kegs. Here’s a table showing how many servings each keg will hold.

2 kegs hold (330 servings) 12 oz.
3 kegs hold (495 servings) 12 oz.
4 kegs hold (660 servings) 12 oz.
5 kegs hold (825 servings) 12 oz.


Doubling up as a beer bottle fridge, multi-purpose units give more versatility. They can come with a glass door which displays your beer inside. A very nice option if you can find one with great ratings. We’ve always struggled with this.

Unit Color

Not that there’s many colors to choose from but many kegerators come in either black or silver. Decide before you buy so that you’re comfortable in the knowledge that when your unit arrives, it will fit with your surroundings.


Caterers love the single unit keg fridges as they can maneuver them with ease. This can help you out also as you may choose to have outside parties. If this is the case, then a kegerator on castors can be an ideal solution. There’s not many multi keg units with castors so a single maybe your only option here.

Outdoor Use

Some kegerators are approved for outdoor use and therefore have a wet-rated approval assurance. Most people love the outdoors and if you socialize outside a lot and think this would be your preferred cooler, then make sure you’re buying with the wet-rating approval. You may pay a little extra for an external use unit, but this is not something that you purchase every year. Get it right, and it will last years.

So, think about your own circumstances and the space you have available. It’s common to have an alfresco area in your backyard which could accommodate a multiple kegerator unit. These areas can be partially enclosed and if hidden from the elements, a multi-purpose keg fridge could be ideal.

Below is out list of the best beer keg fridges that we’ve found for this year.

Best Beer Keg Fridges Under $1000

#1 - Kegco K309B-3 Triple Faucet Digital Homebrew Kegerator

Customer Reviews



  • Dual faucet draft tower
  • Casters for maneuverability
  • Dishwasher safe drip tray
  • Guard rails


  • No keg coupler for commercial kegs
In our view this is the greatest confined space kegerator currently available as it’s so versatile and has huge storage for its size. In fact, it’s got enough room for three ball lock home-brew kegs and comes with a CO2 tank with a red corrosion-resistant coating that also fits inside the unit. You will appreciate that you can be using 2 tapped kegs and have a third being cooled at the same time.

It also