Best Locking Liquor Cabinet For Security in 2020

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It won’t cost you anything extra.


Many liquor cabinets are open and accessible, often encouraging younger family members or intruders to help themselves to a sample. You certainly don’t need your teenagers stealing all your best Chivas Regal!

Wouldn’t it be so much easier with a lockable liquor cabinet? Having a safe place to store all your valuable bottles of wine, cocktail beverages and other bar accessories can allow you to rest easy.

It’s lovely to have all these bottles on display but closing them away after use is the safest thing. Even wine bottles on a lovely open wine rack has its pitfalls as toddlers can pull them off and drop them on a slate or tiled floor. Sorry, but wine bottles don’t bounce! You may keep all your white’s in a wine fridge but your reds need to be secure elsewhere.

Smaller wine cabinets don’t often have a locking facility, but step up a level and we’ve found an awesome locking liquor cabinet that would look great in your house. Below is a brief buying guide to show you what to look for.

Liquor Cabinet Buying Guide

So, why buy a liquor cabinet in the first place? Sure, it’s so you can entertain your guests with convenience to your beverages but it’s also to show off your prized bottles in style. So you may want to choose between a modern or antique style.

A very popular style of liquor cabinet or bar is your old trusty Antique style. There’s a big difference between antique and old, you want antique. Don’t worry, by using reputable websites like Etsy & Amazon, there is a filter for New or Used items.

Antique furniture should be made to look about 100 years old. Styles earlier than this can be labelled Retro or Vintage, but when talking bar furniture, antique is what you are after, and skilled craftsmen can achieve this look beautifully. Just make sure it matches the surrounds of your desired room.

You may have a room where all the wood is of a particular type, such as mahogany. If this is the case, you would be best to look for something that either matches exactly, or is very similar in color.

Alternatively, you could build yourself an underground bunker and use it as a cellar, but that may be a step too far.

Another thing to take into consideration is the size of your home and specifically, the room set aside for this liquor cabinet. Cabinets range in many sizes so, be sure to measure your allocated space first before searching for your ideal liquor cabinet. You really don’t want to make enquiries or get to the checkout stage after having your heart set on a lovely piece, only to find it doesn’t fit. That would be a real downer!

Now budget is always going to be a consideration when it comes to purchasing a liquor cabinet. I may have some bad news for you here if you are looking at getting a bar for $300-500. This article is about the BEST locking liquor cabinet 2018, not the cheapest. The lowest price ones are NOT the best. So, start thinking a little more if you want class and quality.

I’ve also mentioned lockable, and all the following liquor cabinets can be locked and secured. This is not a requirement for many people but if you have thousands of dollars’ worth of expensive liquor, you may well need it hidden away and under lock and key.

#1 - Devino Wine and Bar Console

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