Top Rated Wine Refrigerators 2018 - Time To Chill Out!


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It won’t cost you anything extra.


There comes a point in time where many of us start to wonder whether we should splurge money on a wine fridge. In the back of your mind though, you’re asking yourself if you really need one, and will you benefit from it. Well, you’ll benefit if the wine benefits from it!

If you want to store wine for investment purposes, you’re better of keeping it ‘Off Site’ at a specially design facility made for wine storage purposely. Otherwise, if you’re looking to keep your wine at a consistent temperature, you will benefit from a top-rated wine refrigerator.

Keeping wine in cupboards or cabinets are fine if you’re going to drink it in the very near future but for long term, you really need to keep the temperature constant. Factors such as cold and humidity can affect how the wine will taste when you finally get to opening it.

Normal fridges are too cold, and cabinets can get too warm, so a wine refrigerator is an ideal solution. Before purchasing one though, I’d suggest having a read through our buying guide below. We’ll advise you what to look for.

Wine Refrigerator Buying Guide

So, you think this is going to be an easy decision, do you? Well, I’ll give you a few things to think about before you go and buy a wine fridge. I don’t intend to put doubt in your mind, just offer some friendly advice so you choose wisely.

Size to Fit

Wine fridges vary in shape and size, although they are nearly all square or rectangular. Consider firstly how much wine you currently own but also how much you plan to acquire in the future. Even though this wine fridge is for now, there’s no point in paying out hundreds of dollars on a product that only benefits you for a few months. If you plan on accumulating more bottles in the foreseeable future, you may want to think about a larger fridge.

On the other hand, you may live in an apartment and only require a wine fridge for a few special wine bottles you’ve put aside. This is also great as there are some very good 8 bottle wine fridges.

You may want to keep an eye out for wine fridges that feature a reversible door. Meaning you can place the door on the opposite side. This can be very handy if you only have one location that the fridge can go but the door swing would be impeded.

Wine Glass Shelves can also be a nice storage option.

Noise and Proximity

As with all fridges, they make a noise when in operation. It’s not normally heard through the day but at night when everything is quiet, you certainly will hear the noise of the fridge working. Even though this may be better than some alternative noises you may hear at night from another room, it’s still an annoyance! So, think about where the wine fridge will be placed, especially if you’re in a smallish apartment.

Controls for Perfection

All wine chillers come with some type of thermostat option, you need to decide which is right for you. Manual would be my suggestion but depending on the brand and style, it can sometimes take a bit of trial and error until you find the correct setting. Some others are much easier.

You may choose an automatic one-touch model, this may be better if purchasing your first wine fridge. The downside to this type of fridge is that, although you have pre-determined settings, you are limited on ONLY those settings. In saying that, most people would be fine with the fixed settings offered.

Temperature to Suit

Heat and humidity are not going to help keep your wine at the desired level so firstly, don’t keep your fridge near a heat exposed window. Secondly, many of these fridges come with an internal light. Make sure it’s a LED light as it won’t raise the temperature inside the fridge significantly.

Honestly, LED lights look so much better and can showcase your wine bottles nicely. Oh, and you can read your labels whilst the bottles are still in the fridge, bonus!

Keep Thieves Out, And the Kids!

Another feature to keep an eye out for is a door lock. You don’t need to come home to young Billy passed out on the sofa with your best scotch having only a dribble left! Many wine fridges come with a lock & key.

I hope this advice has given you something to contemplate. We’re here to help you make the correct decision when purchasing. The following is our list of the top-rated wine refrigerators currently on offer.

#1 - Costway 6 Bottle Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Cooler


Customer Reviews



? Transparent Glass door
? Holds 6 bottles
? Energy efficient
? LED temperature control


? No lock
? Door cannot switch to other side

Perfect for those living in a smaller abode such as an apartment or villa. In fact, you may not have a huge amount of wine but what you do have is worth savouring. So, a 6-bottle wine chiller is an ideal fridge for this environment.

With compactness and energy efficiency in mind, you’ll love the cabinet with it’s sleek black effect and transparent glass door. It uses low energy consumption, has low sound and low vibration. Superb for a small area.

It can hold up to 6 standard wine bottles and has removable shelves constructed from steel. This is handy if the shelves require cleaning.

The controller is an electronic touchpad which has an LED temperature display. The thermostatic technology will allow you to serve chilled wine to your guests every time. You can set the temperature between 8℃ to 18℃ depending on the type of wine you’re storing.

Even the cheaper models like this can make you feel like you’ve bought something expensive. It looks amazing. This is also due to the interior light that can be switched on to showcase your beverages.

Weighing only 18lbs, it’s nice and easy to transport if needed.

Cool features include:

  • LED temperature control
  • See-through glass door
  • Up to 6 bottles
  • Interior light

Unfortunately, there is a downside when buying a cheaper model, but it may not affect you. The wine refrigerator does not come with a locking facility so little fingers can get in there. The other thing is that the door can only be placed on one side. It c