Classic Cocktails with Midori Recipes

Have you ever tried an alcoholic drink and had your tongue turn green? If so there’s a good chance Midori had been the green culprit in your drink. Midori is a sweet melon taste that goes well with other cocktail ingredients to create bright tropical classic cocktails. So, lets get into some cocktails with Midori for you to try.

Japanese Slipper

No, this cocktail is not green and smelly like a tradesman’s slipper. We’ll talk about the name in the ‘Origins’ section below, but for now I’ll talk about the drink. The Japanese Slipper is a simple drink to make with minimal ingredients. Perfect for summer conditions, it’s full of the summer flavours to enjoy your weekend. Here’s how you make one.

Your ingredients:

30ml Midori
30mls Cointreau
30ml Lime or Lemon Juice

Your method:

The simple method of making a Japanese Slipper is to use the old cocktail shaker. You know, the one that’s been sitting on your liquor cabinet for years that you generally don’t use anymore. Well, start using your shaker again, they make cocktails so much simpler to create.
So, grab your cocktail shaker and pour all your ingredients inside along with a handful of ice.
Give your shaker a vigorous giggle until the outside becomes chilled.
Prepare your Martini glass, then pour your ingredients to fill. If you want to add a maraschino cherry, place it in the glass now.
Your garnish will be a slice of honeydew melon on the rim of the glass.


Did you know that Midori is the Japanese name for green? I’s say this has something to do with the naming of this drink. You’d imagine the drink was first created in Japan but you’d be wrong to think this. It was concocted in Melbourne, Australia in 1984 at the restaurant called Mietta’s.

Bartender Jean-Paul Bourguignon was the creator of the cocktail and once Studio 54 got hold of it, the drink became popular and welcomed the world over.

There’s not many cocktails that we’re created in Australia due the country being young in comparison to others. However, the Midori liquor had only been around a few years at the time so experimenting was available to everyone.

Quick Fuck

Although we’re considering this a cocktail, it actually comes in a shot glass. It’s fairly easy to make as you don’t have to think too hard about the measurements. All amounts are 15ml. You may find yourself tipsy after this drink, as the 3 ingredients are all alcoholic, there’s no adding juice of any sort. You won’t require your cocktail shaker for this drinkeither, just add the ingredients to a shot glass.

Your ingredients:

15ml Kahlua
15ml Midori
15ml Baileys

Your method:

First pour in the Kahlua.
Now layer on top the Midori
Add the Baileys to top of the potent shot.
Now serve and enjoy the look on your guests face when they knock it back!


We’re not exactly sure how this drink got its name, but I doubt it’s a quality story worth relaying!

Midori Sunrise

With a freshness to please your tastebuds and a glow like the sunrise, you will love the Midori Sunrise cocktail. Made with a handful of ingredients, its one of those drinks that make your guests eyes light up at the sight of it.

Make as much as you like for a group by using the same amount of parts of each ingredient. Try it out yourself and enjoy the tropical flavour.

Your ingredients:

1 part Midori Melon Liqueur
1 part Orange Juice
1 splash Grenadine

Your method:

Easy enough. Add Midori, orange juice and ice to your cocktail shaker.
Shake well for the shaker to chill.
Pour ingredients into your cocktail glass.
Add the Grenadine and a straw.


Another cocktail where the origins are unknown.

There are a number of cocktails, mainly tropical fruit cocktails like this one, where there is no known history, and the drink has just evolved without the creator’s credit.

Midori Illusion

If you love the tropical flavours of pineapple and melon you will love sitting in the sun on the beach chair with a delicious Midori Illusion.

Your ingredients:

45mL Midori
15mL Vodka
15mL Cointreau (or Triple Sec)
45mL Pineapple Juice
15mL Lemon Juice

Your method:

Using your cocktail shaker, fill with a handful of ice.
Now simply fill the shaker with all the required ingredients.
Create a creamy froth by shaking the concoction well.
Prepare your tall glass with ice to be filled.
Strain your mixture into the glass.
You can now use a pineapple wedge on the glass rim for garnish.


Midori was only invented in 1978 and countries all over the world were drinking it by 1983. This is the reason why the origins of most Midori cocktails are hard to trace back. Everyone wants to claim the credit, so nobody knows for sure who was the genuine creator. So just drink up and enjoy.

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