Best Beer Brewing Kit For Beginners

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It won’t cost you anything extra.


One of the most rewarding things any beer drinker can do, is brew your own beverage, which is why we’ve decided to write about the best beer brewing kit that would suit beginners. We all enjoy a drink down at the local bar where we get a choice of 3-6 different beers on tap.

Imagine experimenting with your own brew where you are the one in control of the end result. You don’t have to settle for the same beer every time either, there’s many different varieties of larger, bitter, stout, pilsner or pale ale for you to create.

Brewing your own beer from home became popular in the 1980’s and has not really declined. In fact, the equipment has only got much better, making the finished product much nicer to taste than what my father concocted!

It’s very satisfying to invite guests around, sit them on a bar stool in your man cave, and offer them your home brew knowing it’s already passed the taste test. Do make sure they will be suitably impressed before serving though.

Anyway, here’s a guide so you know what to look for when buying your first beer brewing kit.

Beer Brewing Kit Buying Guide

When it comes to equipping yourself to brew your own beer, many factors come into play. How much supply do you intend to make, where are you going to access more ingredients, how will you store your beer. So, with this in mind, here’s a few things to contemplate when searching for your first beer brew kit.


Although you want to get stuck into brewing, you are first required to assembe your brewing kit. This is where it is advisable to get an easy to install kit with assembly instructions. The majority of home brewing kits will come with instructions, but just something to keep in the back of your mind.

Look for reviews to see how easy these brew kits are to put together. Some people make it really easy to make a decision as they sometimes upload videos to show how they’ve put their kits together. Some companies even include a DVD so you can see much clearer, how the kit is assembled. Any advice or instructions are all a bonus.

You also want your equipment to be of good quality. For instance, some things like the Brew Kettle come in Aluminium or Stainless-steel. You want the Stainless-steel option as its stronger and more durable, but it will cost you a little more.

Lastly with the equipment side of things, you might want to have a look around your house and decide if you want a small-batch homebrew kit or a larger one. You may have a decent size garage, but it may already be stocked full of car parts! For some people it’s best to start small and build up.

Accessibility to More

By accessibility we mean, will you be able to purchase more of the exact some ingredients or equipment either online or in store. This basically comes back to brand reputability. If a brand is reasonably well known in the industry, then the chances are they will have their products and parts at various retailers. Either that or found easily online.

With newcomers into the market, you may not have this convenience. That’s not to say any new brands are not as good or you will not be able to resource their ingredients. We’re just advising a bit of due diligence.

Whilst we’re mentioning brands, it would always be advisable to determine if they offer a warranty. This is always a good way to confirm the quality of the goods.

Extras Such as Bottling

Bottles are generally not included in most beer kits, but some do come with a bottle capper and bottle tops. I find having a capper included is very beneficial as you’re eventually going to make a brew that will be good enough for storing. When this time comes, you’re going to have to buy a bottle capper anyway.

Oh, and when you do buy bottles for storing, make sure they’re glass. The beer will taste so much better.

Another item to look out for, as stated above, is an instructional DVD as opposed to a booklet. Watching how it’s done is always easier than reading how it’s done. Written instructions always tend to miss out something crucial, obviously not intended but it happens.

In our list of best beer brewing kit sets for this year, we’ve given a variety of sizes and price ranges. Hopefully you can find something that suits.

#1 - 5 Gallon Beer Brewing Starter Kit

Customer Reviews



? Everything included to start
? 5 gallon brew kettle
? Fast shipping
? Great support


? Instructions could be better
? Not enough sanitizing powder
? Fermenter lid can be tight.

If you’re after a brew kit to start immediately brewing your own beer right out of the box, then you couldn’t go too wrong with this first timer kit. Perfect for beginners, you’ll be crafting your own ales within no time.

It includes everything you require to start off and you’ll even receive a Block Party Amber Ale recipe kit. This Amber Ale is a great starter to share with your mates or neighbours.

The kit itself includes a 6.5-gallon fermenter with lid & bubbler airlock to allow gases to escape whilst keeping the atmosphere oxygen from entering inside. A bottling bucket and spigot assembly are also included to help with pouring your amber ale.

You’ll really benefit if you intend making more than a sample of beer, with the 5-gallon stainless steel brew kettle. This is usually the first big investment a brewer makes so to have a stainless-steel kettle included in this size is a great addition. In time you may opt for a larger kettle but as a beginner, this is the perfect size.

Other inclusions include a 21” stainless spoon for stirring and a bottle filler which allows for easy filling. Just simply insert the filler allowing it to depress on the bottom of the bottle and the flow will begin.

Your siphoning equipment includes a siphon, 5 ft. siphon tubing & siphon tube holder. A sanitizer/cleaner known as the ‘Oxygen Wash’ and a bottle brush for washing out your bottles also comes with this beer brewing kit.

You’re going to need to cap your bottled beer so a bottle capper with 60 caps have also been thrown in. Yes, you do get a complete set for starting out here and as a bonus they also give you a 20% OFF coupon code. This can be used for a subsequent purchase in the future should you require anything else.

Great features include:

  • Stainless Brew Kettle (5 gallons)
  • Block Party Amber Ale recipe kit
  • Bottle filler and capper
  • 6.5-gallon fermenter
  • 20% OFF coupon code

The instructions for putting all this together are not as detailed as they could be, but there is a video explaining how to do this. In fact, we’ll include it below.



Over 130 reviews have been submitted for this beer kit with a 4.7-star rating. That’s a great result because with brewing kits, most people have something to complain about.

There’s not many complaints here. Some people have suggested that more sanitizer needs to be included and the lid of the fermenter bucket can be a bit tight. Those issues are no big deal to be honest.

Go ahead and check it out for yourself, click on the product image or the ‘Check it Out’ button.