Best Outdoor Firewood Storage Rack 2018

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So, you’ve got yourself an awesome outdoor fire pit, but you need somewhere to store your logs. Of course you could shove them in a corner of your house block but this is not always practical. Firstly it’s a little unsightly, and secondly, is won’t necessarily keep dry. You’ll find that there’s a large range of firewood racks that can be used outside, so we’re going to check some of them out here.

Outdoor Firewood Storage Rack – Buying Guide

Not all outdoor firewood racks come with a cover included and some are more decorative than others. You may also find that some are more durable than others. due to being constructed with more robust materials. These are just some of the things you should be searching for when purchasing an outdoor firewood storage rack.

Material Choice

The most common material of choice for a firewood storage rack is tubular steel or iron but there are also wooden firewood racks available. A hybrid version also exists which consists of steel with pressure treated lumber for base support. Make sure the base timber is pressure treated lumber, so it does not decay like similar styled racks using kiln-dried lumber.

Rack Size

You can find adjustable sized outdoor firewood storage racks, but they tend to be a little less durable than single solid sized alternatives. If you know how much timber you’ll generally have to store, then you can determine the size of the rack you’ll require. There is a fairly large range and some amazingly huge firewood storage racks. It all depends on the space you have available and the quantity used.

How Much is a Cord of Wood

The simple answer to this is by giving approximate dimensions. Imagine a square box 2.67-yards(2.44m) L x 1.33-yards(1.22m) H x 1.33-yards(1.22m) D. Now imagine this was compacted tightly with cut firewood. This is a full cord of wood. If you know cubic meters, a cord is 3.62 cubic meters.

A cord is not commonly used in most countries but is used the USA, Canada and New Zealand. It’s a bit of a throwback measurement from the stone age!


You may want to consider if a cover is included in your outdoor firewood storage rack. It may be possible to purchase one at a later date, but you may not require one at all. If you have a sheltered position that your firewood rack can be placed, this may be all the cover you need.
Another thing to note, is that you’ll find that some firewood racks even come with an area for smaller logs or kindling. This is a nice addition which can be stocked for your next outdoor fire pit, removing the need to search for smaller twigs when you just want to get the fire started.

So, take into account these 3 considerations and you’ll set yourself up with the perfect outdoor firewood storage rack for your situation.

#1 - Woodhaven Firewood Log Rack with Cover (8-Foot)

Customer Reviews



? Quality Cover Included
? Powder Coated Black Finish
? Arc Welded 16-Gauge Steel


? Cover Could be Slightly Longer

If you haven’t heard of the brand Woodhaven, you’ll have them stuck in your mind by the end of this article as we’re reviewing 2 of their products here due to them being the best player in the outdoor firewood storage rack game, in our opinion.

Woodhaven are a family owned business that have been around for over 90 years, so they are a dependable brand that builds quality products. For those that have heard of Woodhaven, this is something you may not know. Woodhaven fire racks attempt to promote airflow and curling of the firewood in each of their firewood racks. This is done through its design, which reduces mold and mildew. The benefits of this are that it allows for simpler lighting of fires and also reduces smoke, whilst producing more heat.

This first outdoor firewood storage rack is one of their more popular as the size is perfect for users that store a reasonable amount of wood without taking up too much room. It’s The Woodhaven 8-Foot Firewood Rack that is ideal for many a backyard.

Click here for the 10-Foot Woodhave model

Here’s what this model can offer:

  • You’ll appreciate the baked-on powder coated black finish which is apparently environmentally friendly. Underneath this black coating is the rack structure, made from strong 16-gauge steel.
  • The frame is extremely sturdy and will not rock side-to-side or back-forth. This is because the frame ends are arc welded and not bolted like some other similar sized racks.
  • The exact measurements are 96″ x 48″ x 14” which allows for ample storage.
  • What we really like is the fact that all Woodhaven firewood racks come with a cover included, which is certainly the case in this instance. The cover is made from top-quality re-enforced vinyl, and you can quickly access your firewood as it has Velcro fixings on the front corners.

I really love the size of this rack which can be ideally suited to placing alongside your garden storage shed or back of the garage.

Being one of the top sellers on Amazon, this outdoor firewood storage rack has been given an awesome rating of 4.8-stars from over 200 verified customers. To find out more, click on the ‘Check it Out’ button.