Best Outdoor Firewood Storage Rack 2021

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So, you’ve got yourself an awesome outdoor fire pit, but you need somewhere to store your logs. Of course you could shove them in a corner of your house block but this is not always practical. Firstly it’s a little unsightly, and secondly, is won’t necessarily keep dry. You’ll find that there’s a large range of firewood racks that can be used outside, so we’re going to check some of them out here.

Outdoor Firewood Storage Rack – Buying Guide

Not all outdoor firewood racks come with a cover included and some are more decorative than others. You may also find that some are more durable than others. due to being constructed with more robust materials. These are just some of the things you should be searching for when purchasing an outdoor firewood storage rack.

Material Choice

The most common material of choice for a firewood storage rack is tubular steel or iron but there are also wooden firewood racks available. A hybrid version also exists which consists of steel with pressure treated lumber for base support. Make sure the base timber is pressure treated lumber, so it does not decay like similar styled racks using kiln-dried lumber.

Rack Size

You can find adjustable sized outdoor firewood storage racks, but they tend to be a little less durable than single solid sized alternatives. If you know how much timber you’ll generally have to store, then you can determine the size of the rack you’ll require. There is a fairly large range and some amazingly huge firewood storage racks. It all depends on the space you have available and the quantity used.

How Much is a Cord of Wood

The simple answer to this is by giving approximate dimensions. Imagine a square box 2.67-yards(2.44m) L x 1.33-yards(1.22m) H x 1.33-yards(1.22m) D. Now imagine this was compacted tightly with cut firewood. This is a full cord of wood. If you know cubic meters, a cord is 3.62 cubic meters.

A cord is not commonly used in most countries but is used the USA, Canada and New Zealand. It’s a bit of a throwback measurement from the stone age!


You may want to consider if a cover is included in your outdoor firewood storage rack. It may be possible to purchase one at a later date, but you may not require one at all. If you have a sheltered position that your firewood rack can be placed, this may be all the cover you need.
Another thing to note, is that you’ll find that some firewood racks even come with an area for smaller logs or kindling. This is a nice addition which can be stocked for your next outdoor fire pit, removing the need to search for smaller twigs when you just want to get the fire started.

So, take into account these 3 considerations and you’ll set yourself up with the perfect outdoor firewood storage rack for your situation.

#1 - Woodhaven Firewood Log Rack with Cover (8-Foot)

Customer Reviews



  • Quality Cover Included
  • Powder Coated Black Finish
  • Arc Welded 16-Gauge Steel


  • Cover Could be Slightly Longer
If you haven’t heard of the brand Woodhaven, you’ll have them stuck in your mind by the end of this article as we’re reviewing 2 of their products here due to them being the best player in the outdoor firewood storage rack game, in our opinion.

Woodhaven are a family owned business that have been around for over 90 years, so they are a dependable brand that builds quality products. For those that have heard of Woodhaven, this is something you may not know. Woodhaven fire racks attempt to promote airflow and curling of the firewood in each of their firewood racks. This is done through its design, which reduces mold and mildew. The benefits of this are that it allows for simpler lighting of fires and also reduces smoke, whilst producing more heat.

This first outdoor firewood storage rack is one of their more popular as the size is perfect for users that store a reasonable amount of wood without taking up too much room. It’s The Woodhaven 8-Foot Firewood Rack that is ideal for many a backyard.

Click here for the 10-Foot Woodhave model

Here’s what this model can offer:

  • You’ll appreciate the baked-on powder coated black finish which is apparently environmentally friendly. Underneath this black coating is the rack structure, made from strong 16-gauge steel.
  • The frame is extremely sturdy and will not rock side-to-side or back-forth. This is because the frame ends are arc welded and not bolted like some other similar sized racks.
  • The exact measurements are 96″ x 48″ x 14” which allows for ample storage.
  • What we really like is the fact that all Woodhaven firewood racks come with a cover included, which is certainly the case in this instance. The cover is made from top-quality re-enforced vinyl, and you can quickly access your firewood as it has Velcro fixings on the front corners.

I really love the size of this rack which can be ideally suited to placing alongside your garden storage shed or back of the garage.

Being one of the top sellers on Amazon, this outdoor firewood storage rack has been given an awesome rating of 4.8-stars from over 200 verified customers. To find out more, click on the ‘Check it Out’ button.

#2 - Elite Flame 28 Inch Indoor/Outdoor Firewood Shelter

Customer Reviews



  • Made from Strong Tubular Steel
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Ideal for Close Proximity Use


  • No Cover Included
You may possible be in the market for a smaller firewood rack that can accompany your larger piece. If this is the case, then try this one out for size. A longer and larger firewood rack is ideal for storage away from your actual fire pit, but you’ll often want easier accessibility at a closer range.

A wood rack that holds a smaller amount of timber is much easier to move to a different location should the need arise. With this firewood rack you could easily remove the timber in seconds to re-position it or grab a partner and lift it via the side handles. To be honest, I’d do the first option because although this rack is made of strong tubular steel, it’s not arc welded like the previous rack.

However, for the amount of wood that this indoor or outdoor firewood storage rack holds, it’s a perfect accessory for its intended purpose.
You’ll like what it has to offer for the price:

  • As with all good firewood storage racks, it’s made from strong tubular steel which has been black powder coated. This will protect it from corrosion and prevents major chipping.
  • The rack is versatile as it can be used indoors or outside in the elements. I’d suggest that if you’re using it outdoors, it’s always a good idea to place it in a sheltered location.
  • You will also notice that the timber is lifted off the ground. Other firewood racks can be placed flush with the ground surface, allowing dampness and mold to take place.

You could do a lot worse that purchase one of these outdoor firewood racks that can be used for your outdoor chiminea, fire pit/bowl or indoor chimney fire or wood heater.

It’s been offered a flawless 5-star rating form over 10 customers. The only downside to this wood rack is the fact that a cover is not thrown in, so you’ll just have to buy one if required. Alternatively, keep it stored in a sheltered position and you won’t need to concern yourself with this at all.

#3 - Woodhaven Firewood Log Rack with Cover (5-Foot)

Customer Reviews



  • Sliding Cover
  • Durable Tubular Steel Design
  • Made in the USA


  • None
Yep, from the same manufacturers as the first firewood rack we reviewed earlier, the 5-Foot version is your go-between size. Smaller than the 8-foot version but larger that the ‘Elite Flame 28 Inch’ reviewed above, it’s the ideal size for those with loads of wood to store but not enough to fill an 8-footer.

Either that, or you’ve filled you’re 8-foot firewood rack and still want a quality Woodhaven rack for closer proximity to your fire pit. This can often be the case if you’re already appreciating the quality they produce.

Again, the structure is built with strong tubular steel which has been powder coated in a black finish. With arc welded end sections, you will appreciate the sturdiness of this design. It’s sturdier than the 8-foot design due to the span being a shorter distance.

What we really like about this rack is listed below:

  • You’ll receive the cover which is designed to keep the top layers of wood dry for immediate use, whilst keeping airflow around the remaining firewood to dry out quicker and reduce mold.
  • The quality is of this rack, like all the Woodhaven products, is extremely durable and should last a lifetime. In fact, it’s supported by a lifetime structural warranty.
  • You will find that the size of this unit is compelling and would suit most houses with a fire pit. It’s one of the best sellers due to it’s dimensions which are 60″x 48″x 14″.
  • If you’re a patriotic American, then you will appreciate that these outdoor firewood storage racks are proudly made in the USA.

You’ll also really like that this rack is very easy to assemble and the cover simply places on top. Another feature to make mention of is, the versatility of the cover. As the wood gets used, the cover slides down with the remaining timber, keeping the top layers consistently dry.
With a 4.8-star rating from well over 160 customers, you can clearly see it’s a reliable product.

#4 - Wrought Iron Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace Log Holder

Customer Reviews





Well now, do you appreciate the wrought iron dimension look in a firewood rack? This is a little beauty but as you can clearly see by the image, it’s for immediate usage, not to be stored away at the back of your garden somewhere.

It is also a decorative piece of furniture which some will like, others not so much. But what is does do, it does well. It’s a formal, ornamental firewood storage rack that can be used indoors or out, but I’d suggest most people would use it indoors. I could tell you one place I’d love to put this, right next to my wood-heater as part of my man cave furniture!

It will store enough fire wood for a cosy evening in with the Mrs, ah, I mean, for when the boys come around for a beer! Yeah. The lads will appreciate the decorative leaf design and the rustic style.

Here’s what we noticed about this design:

  • Like similar firewood racks, the solid steel is powder coated in a black finish giving it a modern, yet ornate feel.
  • You’ll really like that there’s no requirement to assemble the parts, the rack folds out from the sturdy hinges which are also powder coated in black. You can also fold it back up to take it camping! (Although it won’t fit in your daypack!)
  • Although mainly used indoors, it’s certainly built for indoor or outdoor use.
  • This firewood rack may look small, but the actual capacity is about 15-25 medium cut pieces. This is very adequate for an evening’s use.
  • You’ll also note the curled feet to keep it off the ground, protecting the wood from mold.

Although not as large as some of the other outdoor firewood storage racks here, it serves a great purpose for many. It looks elegant and holds the wood like it should, as it’s very sturdy for a hinged system.

With well over 100 great customer reviews and a 4.9-star rating, it’s a winner.

#5 - Patio Small Decorative Folding Firewood Rack

Customer Reviews



  • Fits in Tight Spaces
  • Ideal for Balcony
  • Folds up for Storage
  • 20″ x 13″ x 13″


  • Small.
  • Know What You’re Getting
The word dinky comes to mind when evaluating this firewood storage rack, as it’s on the smaller side of things. Not that it’s a bad thing, all storage racks have their place, and this is no exception. Like the wrought iron storage rack, it’s to be placed close to your fire so that your current dry logs are at hand.

Although it may look flimsy, the heavy duty durable steel makes light work of supporting up to 10 cut pieces of firewood. Again, powder coated in black making it a feature piece of indoor or outdoor furniture. This sort of finish protects your storage rack form corrosion or chips.

More of a decorative firewood rack, the main steel pipe structure is 10mm in diameter and the tubing all is 1.2mm thick making it easily strong enough to carry you required amount of timber.

Some of the other features that we’ve picked up on are listed here:

  • The main size of this rack is a cozy 20” length x 13” width and has a height of 13”. This is when assembled, which is basically folding it out and standing it up. That’s right, there’s no assembly apart from opening it out.
  • As stated before, the storage rack will benefit if it’s lifted from the ground. This rack is 3.5” from the base ground level which allows for airflow to keep your wood dry.
  • You’ll note the design is elegant and sleek without being twee, and the benefits of this size, is that it can fit into tight spaces if needs be. This is perfect if you have a small balcony with a chiminea or similar log fire.

If you’re a regular reader of our reviews, you’ll know that we read the customer reviews to also get opinions on these products. This helps with an all-round authenticity of a review. One of the customer reviews noted that they use this storage rack to hold towels in their bathroom! Interesting that many uses can be found for such a product.

It does have a great rating of 5-stars which shows how well liked this rack is. Nice buy if your searching for something relatively small.

#6 - Indoor/Outdoor Heavy Duty Firewood Log Rack

Customer Reviews



  • Kindling Rack Included
  • Great Size at 33″L x 13″W x 30″H
  • Easily Assembled


  • No Cover Included
Clearly, this outdoor firewood storage rack has a unique point of difference. Offering many of the benefits that other storage racks do, you’ll appreciate the black powder coating that gives a smooth matt finish. Underneath the powder coating is the strong tubular steel for added strength and sturdiness.

You will find that assembly is required but it’s very simple to put together. It comes with 4 main components and 2 swirled brackets for the smaller kindling attachment. You’ll find all nuts & bolts to assemble the rack are included.

Here’s the features we are impressed with:

  • The main point of difference of this firewood rack is the kindling extension brackets which can be attached in 2 ways. Either facing inwards of the rack, or outwards. This is not only a nice addition but being able to switch directions of the brackets can suit different situations. If placed internally, it can possibly impede the stacking room.
  • As with all good firewood racks, the base is heightened off the ground, allowing airflow to take place and keep the wood dry if used outdoors.
  • With a size of 33″L x 13″W x 30″H, it’s ideal for holding a full day’s firewood. In fact, it holds an eighth of a cord.
  • You will welcome the ease in which the firewood rack can be assembled. Only a few nuts and bolts which all are supplied.

You’ll find many happy customer reviews which you can read for yourself. Find them over at Amazon by clicking the ‘Check it Out’ button.

You will also find full specifications and current price. With a 4.8-star rating, there’s a reason it’s made this ‘Best of’ review article.

#7 - Patio Watcher Deluxe Firewood Rack Log Rack

Customer Reviews



  • Shovel, Tongs, Poker & Broom Included
  • Strong Tubular Steel
  • 30″ x 16″ x 12″


  • Small Capacity
The second cheapest firewood rack we’ve reviewed here after the ‘Wrought Iron Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace Log Holder’. It’s a lovely looking rack that would look at home in any domain, especially indoors at the country retreat. Although this is also advertised as an indoor or outdoor piece, I’d suggest that it’s too ornate to use outdoors.

The simple yet functional design is lovely, the only flaw I can find is that the capacity is a little too shallow. Although it stocks 2 layers of firewood, each shelf is slightly too small if you want a whole day’s wood. However, it will be fine for just a cosy evening with enough timber to keep the flames alight.

There’s an added extra with this rack which is the centrepiece:

  • Don’t you just enjoy an added accessory? Well what about the added tools that accompany this storage rack. There’s 4 integrated hooks that each hold a functional tool. You’ll receive a broom for sweeping your fire pit, a shovel for removing the ash, a poker for stoking your fire and of course, a long pair of tongs to grab hold of your firewood should you need to turn it or remove the wood from the fire pit itself.
  • The frame of the rack measures 30-inches in height and is 16-inches wide with a depth of 12-inches. The base is raised just enough distance off the ground for airflow.
  • Made from heavy-duty steel and finished in a double black powder coat, it makes for a durable indoor or outdoor feature.

Perfect as a feature firewood rack and would make an awesome gift as it’s very classy in appearance. With a fantastic rating of 4.8-stars, it’s one firewood storage rack to keep in mind.


You’ll need to factor in how much firewood you can actually store and how far away it will be stored. Many people like a firewood storage rack within close proximity to their fire, so a smaller rack may be a good option, along with a larger one.

It comes down to personal taste with the smaller racks and there’s a number to choose from, we’ve listed here the best indoor and outdoor firewood storage racks between our opinion, and in the opinion of Amazon buyers.

If you’d like to share your favourite with us, please feel free to add to the discussion below.

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