Mans Best Daypacks for Hiking 2018

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Although lightweight products have been the trend since the discovery of lighter materials with proactive design, it doesn’t mean these items are necessarily the best. It usually helps to have lighter equipment when it comes to back support but sometimes balance is also required.

When it comes to daypacks for hiking use, because they are smaller than full backpacks, the weight of the daypack will make little difference. All daypacks and backpacks are made from much more lightweight materials than they were 30 years ago.

We’re just making you aware that although lightweight daypacks are awesome, they are not the be-all and end-all of what you should be searching for in your next luggage accessory.

Daypacks make for a nice carry option that is not just useful on hiking trips but can also be seen around city streets. Even businessmen can be seen sporting a daypack on their way to work. In this article we’ll be concentrating on the best daypacks for hiking which includes mountain trails, local tracks or alpine plains.

As a guide, here’s a few features to look for in your next daypack addition.

Daypack Buying Guide

Size / Capacity / Weight

Storage room within your daypack has got to be in alignment with your hiking tasks and seasonal weather. If you’re going on a winter hike, then room for extra clothing layers may be required. This is where you’ll want to think ahead. Be aware that if you intend to get a larger capacity daypack to store more items, you may want to opt for a more lightweight pack.

It goes without saying that a smaller daypack will not require due diligence in terms of weight. But keep in mind how long you intend to be hiking for. A 2-hour trek will not require as large a space, as a 6-7 hours hike, which will require food to be stored in your pack.


Nobody desires their pack to stick to their back. For this reason, most daypacks feature ventilation mesh padding which will allow your pack to sit slightly off your back, allowing a bit of breathing room. No only does this benefit your body but also the items inside your daypack such as food or clothing.


You’ll find that some daypacks come with various sized loops or clips. These can be a very handy accessory if you need to store external equipment such as a walking pole or drink bottle. Most packs will have a side pocket dedicated to a drinking container, but some drinks bottles come with a loop for attaching to a daypack clip.

If you’re trekking through the snow, you may want to attach an ice pick, these are the things you want to think about before purchasing a new daypack.

Another feature to keep an eye out for, are pockets or compartments. Some adventurers don’t mind storing their items all together, whereas others like to have a pocket for gloves and hat, another compartment for food and another for maps, keys etc. Here’s a tip when you go hiking, take an extra plastic bag or bin liner for wet clothes or garbage such as food scraps. Oh, and spare batteries should you camera require them.


As with any purchase in this era, you’ll require a strongly made pack that can handle any environment. Better brand names are usually made with these more superior materials, but you want to check before you buy. Great materials include tough nylon or canvas.


Depending on whether you’re male or female, some daypacks can fit particular body shapes better than others. You may even find that daypacks can be advertised as such. In my experience as a male, I must admit, I’ve never bought a daypack advertised as a women’s pack and probably never will. We’ll take their word for it!

However, it’s always a good idea to fit your daypack as well as you possible can by 2/3 filling it, loosening the straps and slipping it on. Then tighten the straps to suit. Just don’t fill it in a store unless you know the owner!

Obviously, you can’t try a daypack on if you’re searching online. This is where you’ll need to read the reviews and the questions that have been answered. There’s great information here.

Hopefully you get a little knowledge out of this buying guide. Here’s our list of the best daypacks for hiking that we’ve found for this year.

#1 - Osprey Escapist 32 Daypack

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? BioStretch Harness & Hipbelt
? Zippered Front Panel
? Internal Zippered Divider
? Shoulder Strap Pocket


? Zippers Possibly Not Large Enough, Nit Picking!