Whether this be for your kitchen, bar or man cave, colors matter. Remember those days from the 70’s and 80’s when mission brown was the only ‘in’ color. And it would work with an orange bench top!

Well, thank God those days are long gone and we now have larger palettes to work with.

So if you have a dark liquor cabinet in your place and you are contemplating the right bar stools to accompany it, what color is going to suit? You may have dark kitchen cabinets and need bar stools to match.

Here’s a guide that you may want to follow. These tips have come from my research into various websites with expertise in this field.

Do Dark Bar Stools Work With Dark Cabinets

The basic premise is that contrasting colors work best. Light with dark and vise-versa. But does it always have to be this way.

It depends on what other colors and contrasts you have in your room, and where these colors are displayed. If you had dark cabinets at a lower level, roughly where the stools will be placed, this will generally not work as they will blend into each other.

If on the other hand, the dark cabinets are up high and you have a much lighter color lower down, this may work perfectly as you can see in the image below.

White Background With Dark Stools

The other option is that the stool legs may be a similar color if the bulk of the stool stands out more. For instance, the image below shows stools with the same color legs as the kitchen bench, but the chair backs and seating area are in stark contrast.

Dark Background With Dark Stool Legs

So in essence, dark bar stools can work with dark cabinets if done correctly.

What Color Bar Stools Don’t Work

So let’s assume we’re in your man cave or personal bar. You’ve got a fairly dark surround, typically timber. Hence, you have dark cabinets.

The image below is typical of what NOT to buy to achieve a more modern and stylish look. This is your typical pub/bar from the 1980s, which was very adequate in those days.

Non Matching For Dark Cabinets

But that’s not exactly the look we’re going for now. You can see the timber legs either blend in with the timber backing, or the lighter timber does not contrast well. The dull fabric seating is not drawing you in either, so the complete look just doesn’t work nowadays.

The other thing to keep in mind with the above image is that the floor is carpeted. That’s another reason the fabric padding on the stools doesn’t work, it’s just too much softening for today’s styles.

There’s no specific science to colors that don’t work, as much of it depends on the room ambience, style and décor. What works with some dark cabinets may not work with other dark cabinets.

What Color Bar Stools Work With Dark Cabinets

A stool color that I find works really well against dark cabinets, or any dark background is red. And the darker the backdrop the more of a contrast, giving a more vibrant red.

Red Stools Against Dark Background

The colors red and white work well on bar stools, but it also helps to add dashes of those colors in the remainder of the room. For instance, a red vase or red framed mirror works very well.

Another color that can look good against a dark background is yellow. It’s more unusual and would need to be done well. But if you get this right, yellow stools can look amazing. Again, a splash of yellow elsewhere would tie the stools into the room.

What About Football Themed Colors

Unless this is for your man cave, I’d steer away from football themed stools to complete a stylish drinking abode.

Many of you may be looking to do just that though, compile a unique football themed man cave, and this can work. Unfortunately though, it depends on the team you support.

I honestly can’t see this working too well if you’re a Vikings fan, purple is not exactly a striking color. Will purple work against dark cabinets? I believe if the purple used was dark, it may work better. But you may have more trouble with the bright cartoon purple.

If your team is predominantly red, yellow or white, you’ll be on a winner. Black is also a great color, and works with any theme.

Final Thoughts

Several color bar stools work with dark cabinets, and can work really well in the right circumstances.

A great source for stylish bar stools is Houzz, and you can get some great ideas over there, but not if it’s a man cave you’re designing.

Here’s some cool bar stools we’ve sourced that you can browse. They’re mostly different styles, and some come in different colors.

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