Best Set of 4 Bar Stools to Sit Your Butt 2018

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It won’t cost you anything extra.


If you invite all your mates around for a few bevvies to watch the game, you can’t just expect them to stand around. All good home bars and man-caves deserve a good set of 4 bar stools, or even more for those big nights!

We’ll get into bar tables in another post but for now, I’d like to introduce you to some amazing stools that would look great in any bar. We don’t just settle for second best when erecting and furnishing our home bars. Oh no, we now want the best man-cave in the street! There’s no way Ted at No. 42 is going to outdo my beer grotto!

And when I have mates over I expect them to want to come back again. Maybe not the next morning when I’m nursing a hangover, but soon hey!

So to have them return, my bar needs to be furnished superbly, no second hand furniture any more.

But first, a brief guide as to which type of stools may suit your home bar, after all, there’s plenty to choose from.

Bar Stools Buying Guide

Finding the correct bar stool is not as simple as searching for the best-looking ones. Let’s investigate what other factors you can take into account to find your perfect bar stools.

Bar stools are not only good for entertaining in your home bar, you may also want them to be versatile enough to use elsewhere. Places such as your kitchen, games room or even outside. When doing your search, most will state if they can be used outdoors. Do not buy stools that state they cannot be used externally as they will get weather damaged in no time.

I’m sure you want your mates, as well as yourself to be comfortable when sitting around your bar watching the football. So be sure to get comfortable stools. When I say this, I don’t mean that you’ll sit in the same position for 3-4 hours. You’ll want a sofa for this. Bar get togethers usually involve moving around a little also but sitting for half hour or so does require comfort.

You’ll want to get the measurements of your home bar before searching for bar stools. This will determine how high your stools should be. The great thing is that some bar stools come with a height adjustment mechanism. Most wooden stools will not have this option though.

Next you will want to determine whether you want cushioned upholstery or not. Certain places like a barn or garage bar may suit bar stools with no upholstery. Internal games room bars may feel more comfortable with a padded material. You can always add cushions to the bar stools if you decide on a metal or timber option.

Appearance is also another big factor when sourcing a set of great bar stools. You really don’t want an awesome bar with all the trimmings, perfect decor to match, but then have stools that look out of place. Look at your surroundings, take in how much materials such as timber or metal is used. Check the colors of your walls and carpet, if you have carpet of course. All these things will determine the style of bar stools you should be searching for.

Lastly, let’s go over functionality. You may be thinking ‘what functionality apart from somewhere to sit can a bar stool play’? Well, what about swiveling 360 degrees? I really enjoy bar stools that revolve around. Would you like a footrest on the stool? Do you require back rests on your stools? If so, small or large back rests? What about arm rests? These are functions that mostly add to your comfort, so have a good think about them.

You will benefit greatly if you take some of these things into account before choosing on a set of bar stools. You will probably have these stools for a long period of time so choose wisely.

#1 - GotHobby Modern Swivel Bar Stools

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