Best Cocktail Shaker Set 2018 - Get Ready To Jiggle Your Swizzle!

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Soon I will show you how to find the best cocktail shaker set for this year but first a little inspiration. Every great home bar deserves a cocktail shaker kit to show off. Wouldn’t we all like to act like Tom Cruise in the movie ‘Cocktail’ at some point in our lives! You know, mixing various beverages and tossing them 5 feet in the air just to prove that YOU own this bar! Well, even if you don’t intend doing this, a cocktail shaker kit is a cool accessory to display on any home bar or liquor cabinet.

So, what comes with a cocktail shaker kit and how do you know which one you should purchase? Below is a brief guide to give you an idea as to what to look out for, and what implements are required to at least start you off with your own home bar cocktail set.

Cocktail Shaker Set Buying Guide

Let’s begin by deciphering the differences between to two main types of cocktail shakers. There is also a third type but it’s basically a modification on an original.

The first type of shaker is known as the Cobbler. No, it’s nothing to do with repairing shoes!

The cobbler shaker is formed from 3 individual pieces. Usually made from metal, it comprises the main shaking tin large enough for the cocktails you’ll be making, a lid which has a strainer integrated into it, and a cap which fits over the lid.

This is the more modern design and is simpler to use. When I say more modern, I mean it wasn’t used in ancient times like other designs.
The alternative design is called the Boston shaker. Whilst a little more complicated to perform, it’s a much simpler model. It comes with only 2 pieces, both being mixing cups. One is the main metal vessel and the other being a tempered mixing glass. It’s a little harder to use because it must be sealed correctly, or you may end up wearing the contents.

The temperature changes in the glass and shaker make it fairly easy to separate. It will require a giggle and a tap and they will come apart. This is where you may get some spillage so be careful when detaching. It can be a hard to control until you’ve done it a few times and had a little more experience.

Both arrangements are viable options but if you are a beginner, you probably want to aim for the Cobbler design. You will find it cleaner and easier to handle.

I mentioned earlier about an adaption on an original version. Well, this is the French version. They’ve come up with a model very similar to the Cobbler, but you’ll find it doesn’t incorporate the in-built strainer. It requires the use of a manual bar strainer to prevent to ice from pouring in with the beverage.

So what else is required when creating a cocktail? You may not require all these at once, but from time to time you will need most of these. Unlike a whiskey decanter, cocktail shaker sets can come with many additional implements including an ice clip, wine bottle opener, double headed measuring cup, tongs, Hawthorne or Julep strainer (if not included with your shaker), mixing spoon and so on.

It’s always pleasant to see a cocktail shaker sitting on the bar, why not go to the next level and get a whole shaker set which includes a variety of these utensils. This will really impress your friends when they come around for a quiet drink.

We’ve compared a few of the best cocktail shaker set kits along with some single cocktail shakers for your convenience. Hopefully we can help you make an informed decision if you decide to purchase one in the future.

#1 - Elite Cocktail Shaker Set Bartender Kit by BARILLIO

Customer Reviews



? Stainless Steel
? 24oz
? Recipe booklet included


? No measurement markings on inside

So, let’s hop straight into things with one of be best priced cocktail shaker sets currently trending. Firstly, you’ll love the premium stainless steel rustproof shaker. It’s a Cobbler styled design, so it comes with a built-in strainer. This is handy when you need to pour out t