I’m sure this will sound familiar. You’re out at an event such as the horse races with an ice box full of beer. You know, not canned beer, the bottled kind that requires a bottle opener. And wouldn’t you know it, nobody has bought a bottle opener!

So, what are your options? We’ll alleviate the option NOT to have a beer, that’s just not going to happen. So, the only other option is to find a way to remove your bottle top without the need for a bottle opener.

There are a few ways this can be achieved and we’re going to show you how. There’s probably more ways to skin a cat than what we will display. So, if you know of any other ways to remove a bottle top without an opener, let us know in the comments below.

  1. Remove a Bottle Cap Without an Opener 3Ring – One of the most convenient ways to remove a bottle cap is to use your wedding ring. Now, not all boy’s groups will have married men, but surely somebody will have a ring of some sort on a finger. To remove the cap, hold the bottle in the opposite hand that has a ring. Place the underside of your ring under the bottle cap with your palm face down. Lever your hand and finger with the ring in an upward motion and the cap will pop off.
    Possible pain could develop from the top of the ring digging into your finger. I find this works better for people with fatter sausage fingers!
  2. Stapler Remover – Have you ever seen a stapler remover? These work well to pry the lid off beer bottles, the only problem is that you don’t normally carry one about with you. If you do have access to a stapler remover, simply place the teeth under the cap and lever the top off, simple.
  3. Scissors – A pair of scissors is another method you can use, should you have a pair in your back pocket! Open the scissors and place them against a crimped ridge of the bottle top and leaver the ridge out. Do this a second time on the next ridge and the cap should pop off.
  4. Belt – This is a good one as many guys will be wearing a belt. Use the buckle of a belt to pry the cap off just as you would a proper bottle opener. Just be sure that whoever offers their belt, has enough width to hold their strides up! Not all belt shapes will work but many will. Similar to this, a seat-belt buckle with hole will work in the same manner.

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  1. Lighter – There’s also a good chance (although less that 20 years ago) that one of your mates will have a cigarette lighter. As these are small and solid, they make a good levering device. You’ll need to get a tight grip on the bottle, maybe secure the bottle tightly up against a pole with your hand. Then pry the cap off using the base of the lighter. This is not always as easy as other methods mentioned here, but if you always have a lighter with you, it’s a good skill to learn.
  2. Spoon – Kitchen cutlery is always another good option, but the spoon is the best. You’ll want to get the tip of the spoon and prize it under the cap. Whilst holding the neck of the bottle (which I’m sure you’re used to doing) rest the spoon against your thumb and flip the cap off. This is a nice easy solution to bottle top removal.

Remove a Bottle Cap Without an Opener 1Remove a Bottle Cap Without an Opener 2

  1. Fork – Above we mentioned the old simple spoon but what about other cutlery? Many people think a knife is the best option but to be honest, a fork is better. Dig the outside fork prong into one of the crimped ridges to open it out. If the first one doesn’t pry the cap off, the second or third one will.
  2. Hammer – You know how a hammer fix’s everything? Well, if you have a claw hammer it can also work as a bottle opener. Turn your hammer upside down and use the claw to lever the cap off. You may need to work your way around the cap if it doesn’t come off immediately.

Now, contrary to popular belief, or maybe even myths and legends, I’ve never known anyone to remove a bottle cap with their eye socket or belly button. But hey, I don’t know everyone.

So, there you have it. A few various ways you can pry off a bottle top without using a bottle opener. In saying that, I always find that a bottle opener key-ring is man’s best friend. You’ll find a great selection here.

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