Best Father's Day Golf Gifts 2021


How many fathers, let alone men, do you know that play golf, and would love a Father’s Day golf gift this year? Yeah, amazing how popular chasing a tiny ball around large fields can be! But, golf is the most popular past time in the world so there’s a good chance you have a dad that enjoys this great game.

So, this year, instead of buying another scotch decanter or BBQ Apron, get your reliable father something he can find more useful when he next hits the fairways. We’ve sourced the most highly rated golfing products currently available for you to browse.

Below is a list of various golfing products that you can please your father with. We know that not everyone can afford more expensive products, so, we’ve included some products that are more on the cheaper side. Take a look and click on the accompanying image or the ‘Check it Out’ button to see more reviews or specifications.

#1 - Callaway 2016 Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Customer Reviews



? 4-Piece Construction Provides Speed
? Dual SoftFast Core Engineering
? Also Provides Spin Around the Green


? May not work for Hackers!

For those on a budget this Father’s Day, why not purchase a great set of Callaway golf balls. Callaway are one of the largest names in golf and they have made these golf balls with extreme distance in mind.

Most golf balls are made with a particular function in mind, some are made for better flight, others for spin when the ball hits the green. These golf balls are purposely built to fly further than ever before. I’ve used them myself (as they are rated so highly) and they certainly work well.

This may not mean much if you’re only purchasing these for a gift, but the engineering that has gone into these balls is second to none. Callaway have this ‘Dual SoftFast Core’ system which allows for players to find faster ball speeds off the tee with lower spin.

However, the 4-piece construction of these golf balls, which has a mantle layer and Tour urethane cover, helps with spin when it comes to your dad using his shorter clubs around the green, meaning he can play that bit more aggressively.

The great features you’ll find with these golf balls are listed below:

  • Dual SoftFast Core engineered construction for longer flight.
  • Helps provide spin around the green due to the retention of energy in the low compression core.
  • The golf ball cover will grip the golf club face, as the coating is soft and durable.
  • You father will find that the engineering design optimizes lift and reduces drag, which will increase the speed of the ball.

If you’re looking for a Father’s Day golf gift under $40, this may be the perfect option. The box comes with the standard 12 golf balls and you can choose from 5 color sets.

With well over 450 customers having rated this 4.6-stars, you can be sure that it’s a gift that will go down well with your dad.

#2 - Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder

Customer Reviews



? Jolt technology when locked onto flag
? Yards or meters
? From 5-1000-yards with 1-yard tolerance


? Slope feature not included in this model.

No, this is not a pair of binoculars, but they do have similarities. Your father will love this gadget which determines the distance from where your golf ball has landed, to the flag pin. It’s called a ‘laser range finder’ and although they’ve been on the market for a few years now, the accuracy has now become extremely precise.

This particular model is the most popular in terms of customer sales with high ratings. With that comes a higher price range so you’ll be forking out $250-$300. If that is your price range for a Father’s Day golf gift, then read on.

The distance range that this product works within, will be useful for any golfer. It can detect your golf ball from anywhere between 5 to 1000 yards (4.5m-914m). That’s an extraordinary scope of territory that is covered, and the accuracy is to within 1 yard. Add to this, if your ball is within 400 yards (365m), you’ll get a slightly more accurate reading.

Here’s some other factors that we love about this range finder:

  • The size of the range finder is smaller than previous models and is made to fit in the palm of your hand. At 4.1”x3.1”x1.6”, it weighs only 5.6-ounces.
  • You can change the settings from yards to meters.
  • You can use this range finder for objects other than your golf ball. Knowing how far you are from a bunker can also help, big time!
  • Your display is clear LCD.
  • Fathers will love the JOLT technology which vibrates when the range finder has zeroed in on the flag.

Your range finder comes complete with instructions and a cover to keep it protected. The cover also attaches to your golf bag making accessibility easy.

It’s noted that there is a ‘slope’ feature but please be aware, this is only available on the next model up. The slope feature can turn On or Off depending on the lie of the fairway. This is an amazing feature that your dad will love but it’s only available if you pay the extra few dollars.

Using this golf laser range finder is easy. Simply focus through the adjustable eyepiece onto your target and release the FIRE button once a range has been acquired. It will provide a vibrating burst to indicate that the laser has locked onto the flag. Every golfing father would appreciate this laser range finder.

Over 160 purchasing customers have rated this 4.7-stars. To check out any reviews, specifications or Q & A’s, simply click on the image.

#3 - The Net Return Pro Series Multi-Sport Golf Net

Customer Reviews



? Automatically returns ball
? Easy assembly
? Guaranteed for up to 250,000 shots


? Take a lot of room

Okay, here’s a tip. Don’t buy one of these if your father lives in a small apartment! This is the golfing practice accessory that requires a bit of room for not only the product, but also to swing a golf club.

If your dad does have room however, this would be an awesome gift that will not only alleviate him from boredom but also help his golf game. So, here’s the dimensions:

  • Height=7′ 6″
  • Width= 8′
  • Depth= 3′ 6″

This is a wonderfully designed practice net that can be used for other sports but is perfect for golf tutoring. Your father will not have to go and gather the ball either, the net is designed so that it automatically drops the ball back at the area you’ve just hit from.

There is a duffle bag provided which holds all the components (weight 28lbs), so you can take it anywhere and assemble it in minutes. The fact that it’s so portable means you can use it inside or out. It has what’s known as the ‘Quick Color Connect System’ which is a push-button system that they claim will set up the net in 5 minutes. I haven’t yet come across any reviews to the contrary.

However, note that the practice turf is not included in the purchase. You can certainly purchase it separately though.

The materials used are tubular aluminium to hold the netting together. This material also keeps the weight down making it ideal for transportation. The net is made of heavyweight polyester and comes with a 250,000 shot guarantee. That’s a lot of balls!

Now, don’t think this is the type of net where you use lightweight practice balls. Real golf balls are to be used, as the net is extremely strong.

Over 80 verified purchasers have rated this 4.4-stars which is a very good average overall. One buyer used the net so much (over 2-hours daily) that they had to send him a new net free of charge. This is because he eventually created holes in the net. It’s unusual, but if you are that obsessed and hit anywhere near 250,000 balls, you may make holes. However, it’s great to deal with a company prepared to offer a replacement for free.

Check out the video below to see how it works

#4 - SuperSpeed Golf Men's Training System

Customer Reviews



? 3 Various Weights for Distance Improvement
? Can be used Indoors
? Video Instructions



If you’ve never played golf, you probably wouldn’t realize the impact that swinging various weights can have on your performance. This is the exact purpose of these 3 weighted clubs, that are used to help with swing and balance.

Having fun on the golf course is what makes the game more enjoyable, and if you can add distance to your shot, you’ll enjoy it so much more. Your dad will be so proud of his achievements when he starts hitting further than his playing partners.

This training system was only available to professionals before being released to the public not so long ago. The company that designed this system, SuperSpeed Golf, have been working on this technology for many years. Finally, they launched this system that found using clubs of a lighter weight, can increase the speed of a golfer’s swing.

Here’s some of the features with this unique training set:

  • 3 clubs of various weights, 255, 290 & 335 grams.
  • As these clubs are not as long as drivers or long irons, they can be used indoors. I’d suggest you’d still want high ceilings!
  • Included are instructions and a website with instructional videos.

It has been suggested by some customers to purchase a swing speed radar, so you can measure your progress. Sometimes it’s hard to notice improvement so a device like this is a good idea.

With a great rating of 4.8-stars and a load of great reviews from the 20 odd customers that have bought this system, you know that you dad will be please should you buy this as a gift.

#5 - Golf Collapsible Chipping Net

Customer Reviews



? Opens up to 23-inch diameter.
? 3 nets in one.
? Collapse’s for easy transport


? Smaller that the image looks

This is an Amazon No.1 best seller and I’m not surprised at this price. It’s in the cheaper range of Father’s Day golf gifts so you could even buy a second one for the father-in-law. That’s if you get along well with your father-in law!

What makes this golf chipping net a best seller, is the fact it can be assembled indoors or out, and it easily collapses for storage or transport. This is a great benefit to your dad, so he can take it on his travels. Throw it in the back of the car when going on camping trips. Whilst mum and her friends are sipping vino, dad can be chipping golf balls to enhance his golf game. Perfect!

Here’s what we love about this chipping net:

  • At it’s smallest, the net collapses to 7-inches in size. When assembled, it opens out to a 23-inch diameter chipping target.
  • If you take a closer look, the net is actually 3 nets in one. Your dads game will really benefit from this targeting net with 3 catchment areas, each with its own color identifier.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you’re a left or right-handed golfer, the net accommodates all types. In-fact I’ve used it with my mates to have wrong handed chipping games. This is great fun!
  • Any type of golf balls can be used, practice balls or proper golf balls.

You’ll like the fact that there are no parts to put together, simply take it out of the box and open it up by pulling on the plastic handles. Assembly done!

Just be aware how big 23-inches is, some buyers expected the net to be much bigger as the image seems to suggest this.

With over 250 customer reviews, a rating of 4.5-stars has been achieved. This is the reason it’s a best seller.

#6 - Team Golf NFL Golf Umbrella

Customer Reviews



? All NFL Teams available
? 62-inch diameter
? 100% Nylon Fabric


? Nylon is very thin

I bet your father supports an NFL team? Well, that’s if you live in the US! So, let’s just assume for a minute that you’re in the US and your dad is a huge Patriots, Saints or Raiders fan. What do you think his reaction would be if you bought him one of these NFL golf umbrellas? Yeah, he’s be stoked hey!

If you’ve ever played golf in inclement weather, you’ll know that an umbrella is an essential accessory. But you can’t just use any umbrella. A golfing umbrella is much bigger than your standard type that you see people using down city streets. They are more robust and will give more protection against strong winds. It does happen but it’s rare to see a golfing umbrella blown inside-out.

The size of your golfing brolly not only covers you, it can also keep your clubs dry if you hold it at the correct angle. Although there’s a special umbrella for golf clubs further down this list. For keeping your father dry though, this is the ideal gift.

Here’s some of the great features we appreciate with this umbrella:

  • At 62-inches in diameter, your father will be kept dry from those pesky showers that always seem to appear from nowhere.
  • Like all good golf umbrellas, it’s made from 100% nylon fabric.
  • Your favourite NFL team will be printed on 4 of the 8 umbrella panels like the image provided.
  • It has a push-button opening mechanism and you simply reach inside to pull the umbrella closed.
  • The length of the umbrella from the nice grip handle to the top tip is approximately 40-inches, yeah, it’s big!

You can’t go wrong with this Father’s Day golf gift if your dad is an NFL fan. Over 350 customers have rated this 4.7-stars with loads of complementary reviews. Read them for yourself by clicking on the ‘Check it Out’ button. You’ll also find any other specifications and Q & A’s.

#7 - Victorinox Swiss Army Golftool Pocket Knife with Pouch

Customer Reviews



? Stainless-Steel Swiss Made
? Multiple Tools in One
? Nylon Clip Carry Pouch


? Slightly too heavy

We all know how good the old Swiss army knife is and how popular they’ve been over a long period of time. Well, they’ve now come out with a similar product but more in tune with the golfing public.

Golfers use a number of gadgets that require a sharp blade and Victorinox (Swiss pocket knife manufacturers) have come up a brilliant idea. They’ve compiled all the necessary components that golfers use, into one great stainless-steel product known as the Swiss Army Golftool.

It’s a really nice size to put in your golf bag. It has a length of 3.583-inches (91mm) and a height of 0.610-inches and weighs 2.258-ounces.

So, what exactly does this Swiss Army Golftool encompass? Here goes, this is the list of inclusions:

  • One-Hand Locking Divot Repair Tool which you can use to replace small divots made when the golf ball plugs on the green.
  • Ball Marker to place on the green when you need to lift you ball for any reason.
  • Tee Punch with Groove Cleaner and Bottle Opener. This is a 3-in-one tool with the Tee punch useful for starting a hole for the tee, if the ground is too hard. The groove cleaner is for cleaning the grooves in your club face and the bottle opener, I’m sure you can work that one out!
  • 2.45″Blade for any serious cutting jobs that crop up whilst playing a round of golf.
  • Tweezers that can be used if somebody gets a splinter when searching for your ball in the woods.
  • Toothpick which can be used for a variety of tasks, but I doubt you’d get that much use from this one!
  • Scissors which can come in useful when a golf glove has threads hanging off, or other maintenance jobs.

The Golftool comes in a handy nylon clip carrying pouch and also comes with the Swiss lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.

Rated 4.5-stars from over 100 customers, it’s a great little Father’s Day or Groomsman gift.

#8 - Taylor Made Flextech Crossover Stand Bag

Customer Reviews



? 14 Full-Length Slot Dividers
? Weighs Only 5.5lbs
? Water-Resistant Valuables Pocket
? 4 Colors to Choose From



So, what better golfing gift could you think of than an actual golf bag? And not just any golf bag. Made by one of the largest and most reliable golf brands on the planet, TaylorMade.

If your father enjoys the traditional way of carrying golf clubs around the fairways, then this lightweight hybrid golf bag may be the ideal solution. It comes with a crossover strap system with stand that opens out when you remove the bag from your shoulder.

Weighing in at only 5.5lbs, it’s one of the lightest crossover bags on the market. Add to that the FlexTech technology system which eliminates overcrowding of your clubs and you’ve got one hell of a golf bag.

We’ve listed below some of the great features of this FlexTech golf bag:

  • The crossover straps are comfortable and durable, which they need to be if you intend carrying the bag around 18 holes.
  • We love the horizontal full-length dividers that help compartment 14 slots for your golf clubs and drivers. There’s certainly a slot for each club.
  • You can store away all your valuables into one water-resistant pocket when playing. This pocket is lined in micro-suede, fancy hey!
  • You’ll also appreciate the large internal insulated cooler pocket which can be used for snacks or drinks. There’s also an insulated water bottle pocket. In total you’ll enjoy 10 pockets of various sizes for storing every accessory.
  • It’s also very easy to manoeuvre by the top carry handle or the webbing trunk handle.
  • To hold your balls, golf balls that is! There is a ball pocket with zip off panel that you can have embroided.
  • Add to this the Tee pocket, Pen sleeve, Velcro glove tab and umbrella sleeve, and you’ve got everything covered.
  • The stand is also detachable via a quick release, so you can use the bag in a golf cart.

Playing golf as a father is one of the great joys in life, playing with TaylorMade equipment makes it even more enjoyable because you know you’re playing with great quality. Buy him the best!

You’ll even get a matching rain hood to accompany the golf bag. If you decide this is the gift for your dad, there are also 4 colors to choose from including Black, Grey, Red and Navy.

An awesome average rating of 4.8-stars has been given from over 20 customers, check out the video below to get a good understanding of just how good this golf bag is. All this for under $250.

#9 - DrizzleStik Flex- Golf Club Umbrella

Customer Reviews



? Extends to 54″
? Top Canopy Can Pivot in any Direction
? Classic Rubber Grip


? Will only fit in long golf bag pockets at 36″

What will they think of next! I bet you’ve never heard of a DrizzleStik and your father probably hasn’t either. But it’s a nice little accessory to keep all your clubs dry in wet weather. Made from a durable nylon material, it has a deep canopy which will enclose all your golf clubs keeping them protected from the elements.

The shaft of the DrizzleStik is an extendable telescoping club-like design which slots down your club bag like other clubs. The canopy can then be opened to do its job. I love this unique accessory and have found it to be extremely useful.

Here’s what else we like about the design:

  • The shaft extends to 54-inches in length and can collapse down to 36-inches, so you can easily store it in a side pocket.
  • You’ll love this part of the design. The canopy can pivot in any direction due to the spring top. This allows for easy access to your golf clubs.
  • The shaft comes complete with a classic rubber golf club grip which will blend in with the rest of your club set.
  • You can also select from 5 different colors including Black, Green, Navy, Pink and Red.

Although your father may already have a golf umbrella to protect himself from the rain, the golf clubs themselves can still get wet. Rain can go down the club shafts making the grips slippery and hard to use. A gift like this will brighten his day!

From over 170 reviews, a 4.5-star rating has been achieved with so many great compliments.


You know your father as good any anyone, and you will know what the best Father’s Day Golf Gift would be for him. There are many golfing gifts available for you to choose like the golf books that are displayed above.

Golf is a passion that many of us enjoy, and if your dad is playing now, he’s probably going to be playing golf into his retirement years. Keeping up to date with the range of golf equipment is essential and enjoyable. We all like a new gadget from time to time. Best of luck finding that perfect Fathers Day golf gift.

If you’d like to share your favorite with us, please feel free to add to the discussion below.

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