Why Do Men Blush and What to do About it?

I know guys, it’s okay for most of you that don’t have his problem but for many thousands of men, myself included, blushing is a major problem that we face which can impact our lifestyle. If you’re one of these men that face this reality, there is something that you can do about it. As far as why do men blush? There’s no proof that men blush more than women, but some studies have shown that women may blush more than men. Figuring out the reason why is not easy or conclusive, but it could be that women care more about telling the truth.

Firstly, what is Blushing?

It’s something that is incontrollable and rears its head at the worst of times. Usually from embarrassment, your face becomes a brighter shade of red and actually makes your face feels warm. Shyness is a nice aspect to have at times, but its these people are affected the most.

So, what actually happens to make your face sweat and go rosy-red? Chemistry is the culprit and here’s what happens.

We probably all associate adrenaline with sporting activities, and for good reason. Adrenaline is a hormone that gets released from your body when you feel panic or excitement. You feel your heart-rate increase, and this is all part of the body’s fight-or-flight response.

This adrenaline also leads to ‘vasodilation’, which widens your blood vessels and increases blood flow. When this happens from feeling embarrassed, the adrenaline is released triggering a blush.

Can Anything be Done to Stop Blushing?

There have been articles on blushing avoidance techniques such as relaxing with a slow breathing approach or thought exercises which focus on how you’ll deal with the situation next time by thinking of external thoughts to your current situation.

For example, you may think of people worse off than you, when you’re in an embarrassing situation. Maybe thinking of cool thoughts such as an ice bath or putting your hand in a beer fridge.

I’m not saying these don’t work but there is a medical procedure that can elevate your blushing forever. You’ve probably never heard of this, but a ‘Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy’ is a surgical operation that will cure facial blushing.

It is suggested that this procedure should only be performed if all other options have failed as complications can happen. The cure rate is approximately 90% so it is not absolutely guaranteed.

For more information regarding this procedure, Google ‘Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy’ in your area. I’m not suggesting you should accept this procedure but noting that it’s a possibility if you’re in need of help.


Blushing can stop many people from mingling in social circles. This can be such a shame for people that want to get involved and meet new people but feel restricted. It can also hold you back from progressing in a career where meetings or public speaking are required.

It’s good to know that there are techniques or medial treatments that can help.

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