So, why do men have beards in 2021 but not 10 years ago. It used to be the fashionable thing to do in the 1970’s & 80’s but for a long period of time, the fresh-faced look seem to dominate the landscape. Men we’re no longer showing off their masculine side, but instead showing a softer side to themselves.

The only beards you’d see in the 2000’s, were on men older than 50 who couldn’t possible do away with their staple accessory they’ve sported for the previous 30 years. Celebrities such as Sean Connery and Clint Eastwood could carry off a beard so well, but what happened?

The next 25 years saw nothing but razor wars with the big razor brands raking in the dollars.

But now it’s back, the beard is finally back in fashion and men the world over are sporting various styles to make up for lost time. From trimmed 1-2mm stubbles to full bushy blown-out beards, men have decided the time in right. It’s now quite common to see 3 or 4 men with beards together, talking about their BBQ grilling tips whilst the burgers are burning!


So why now? Why are man deciding that a beard is right for them in 2018? Is it because they want to show their masculinity again or because they think women like beards? Could it be because we are just plain lazy, or more than we used to be? Maybe some men think they look older with a beard.

Contrary to some beliefs that women couldn’t care less about a beard, a study of 8,520 women conducted in Australia (Queensland) showed that men with stubble were rated the most attractive. This is even more so if women were looking for a one-night-stand. When it comes to looking for a full-time partner, light stubble or slightly heavier growth was preferred.

But what about us men ourselves, do we really care what women think? Well, yes, of course we do but would we grow a beard if we didn’t want to. No, we wouldn’t, it just so happens that in the present area, we find a slight growth is a form of attractiveness and slight dominance.

why do men have beards car

If I was to be standing in a pub with a 3-day growth, my sleeves rolled up and work boots on, I’d feel more powerful than a clean-shaven office worker doing standing in the same place. I’d have the same respect for that guy but would feel as if my masculinity of facial growth would win me more votes.

So why is now the time for facial growth? I believe it’s just the cycle of life that as we approach 2020, the beard has made a comeback of epic proportions. All types of celebrities are wearing a nicely groomed beard from actors like Ryan Reynolds and Will Smith to sportsmen such as David Beckham.

Now is just the right time to sport a beard but if you’re going to do so, you must have the right beard to suit your face. Although we’ve seen some great beards lately, there’s also been some shockers. Patchy beards are a turn off, sorry to the guys that have not fertilized their face enough but an even spread of hair makes for a good beard. You may just have to grow up a little more!

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