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What is it that makes cocktails so different, unusual and seem like you’ve gotten away from the mundane days of life? For me it’s the refreshing feeling of coolness and calming. One of the cocktail drinks that’s been around since the late 1930’s is the Moscow Mule (check out our best moscow mule mugs list below) which is a drink that literaly keeps its cool.

How does it do this? Through copper! Copper has been known to keep drinks cold due to the metal instantly taking on the chilling temperature of the drink itself. The handle of the copper mug will absorb the heat of your hand and will not transfer to the main body of the mug. Your icy cold cocktails stay chilled for the whole duration of your drink, giving you that refreshing taste.

The famous Moscow Mule drink itself contains Ginger beer, for those that don’t know. Now this is a little speculative, but some experts say the ginger beer is enhanced in the copper mug by the added aroma offered when the Vodka hits the side of the copper mug. Extra fizziness and bubbles are also created from the cold copper.

Whatever the case, you cannot drink a Moscow Mule from any other vessel than a specially made copper mug. They’re handsome, add to the taste and most of all, keep your favourite cocktail at the perfect chilled temperature it is desired to be served at. Check out our buying guide below to choose yours correctly.

Moscow Mule Mug Buying Guide

As a host of your own cocktail party it can be important to offer your cocktails in the correct glass, cup or mug that it has always been traditionally served in. You won’t see an Espresso Martini served in a pint glass would you! So, when your guests ask for a Moscow Mule, you need a nice Moscow Mule copper mug.

Here’s 3 things to take into consideration when buying your copper mug for this wonderful cocktail.

Copper Material

What you really don’t want is small flakes of copper floating around your cocktail. You won’t get away with pretending these flakes are garnish, so buy correctly in the first place. Little flecks can come off a copper plated mug over time, and this will put you in a very embarrassing situation, not to mention the possibility of copper toxicity. Although this can only happen with a huge build-up of copper so it is very unlikely.

The solution is to buy a 100% copper mug and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that it’s the real deal.

You’ll have another option though. You could break with tradition and purchase a stainless-steel Moscow Mule mug or have a stainless-steel lining. The latter option looks really good but remember that your drinks will not be quite as chilled as copper.


The Moscow Mule Copper Mug comes in various sizes. You can get as small as 12 ounces and go all the way up to 30 ounces. For me, 30 ounces is way too large.

While it is totally a personal choice, you may want to keep the ingredients in mind. You see the Moscow Mule cocktail is made up from ginger beer, ice, 1 ounce of lime and 2 ounces of Vodka. As the lime and Vodka have exact measurements, the ginger beer and ice do not. Therefore, a larger mug will mean a less alcoholic drink. This is fine if you’re happy to sit on it for a while. However, I’ve crashed a women’s cocktail party before and nobody was slowly sipping on one drink all night!

You could always break from tradition and add a little more Vodka and/or lime to fill the larger mug. Just get to a nice ratio for yourself and your guests.

Cool Design

Lastly, you want the aesthetics to be to your liking. This is all personal preference and there’s a few design styles to choose from. Originally, the Moscow Mule mug was straight, shiny and flat. It didn’t have various widths from bottom of the mug to the top, unlike nowadays.

Today we have various shapes and effects such as the common hammered effect. This makes the mug look like it’s been dinted all oved giving a crumpled design. Many people love this style as it can reflect light in unusual ways.

Again, it all comes back to a personal preference. Have a browse through our range of the best Moscow Mule mugs we’ve found for this year.


Do NOT use these mugs for hot drinks, that’s not what they are designed for. Also best to hand wash. Meaning, don’t put in the dishwasher. This is the advice from all manufacturers of Moscow Mule Mugs.

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