Top Polarized Sunglasses for Men with Style

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As guys, we all have a bit of vanity and like to look our best. If that means wearing sleek or stylish sunglasses, yep we’ll go to those lengths! There’s more than one reason to wear the best sunnies, eye protection being the biggest issue.

But unlike 30-40 years ago, most of today’s sunglasses are polarized to some extent. By blocking light rays getting to your eyes, sunglass makers have been insisted upon to include polarization. Once the sunlight passes through the sunglasses, they are filtered so that any UV rays are reflected away from the surface of the glass.

Our eyes are extremely important to us so why not buy a great pair of polarized sunnies that will protect them from harsh UV rays for many years to come (assuming you don’t lose them like I do!).

So, to get you thinking, here’s our list of the top polarized sunglasses for Men in 2018.  But before that, a quick buyers guide.

Polarized Sunglass Buying Guide

We just want to make mention of a few things before going out and purchasing a new pair of polarized sunglasses. We want to make you aware of different aspects that may get you thinking about so that you end up with the right pair.

Frames & Size

As you already know, there’s a large variety of frame sizes and style to choose from, and it’s also fairly easy to get it wrong. If you’re going to purchase sunglasses online, you really need to know your face shape and size. To make this easier, there are a number of virtual sunglass fitting websites. Simply upload an image of your face and you can add sunglass images over the top.

Some websites can gain access to your camera, so you can then either click the sunglasses they have in their catalogue or upload your own image. Here’s an example of a Virtual Try-on website but you may find others that you feel more comfortable using.

You’re also going to have to choose a frame material. So, what types of frames are available you may be thinking? Here’s the options, Plastic, Metal, Polycarbonate, Titanium, Acetate or Nylon. You had no idea there was that many frame materials, did you? Each have their advantages and disadvantages, so let’s go through some of them.

Titanium is going to be your higher end frame and therefore, will cost you more. A great benefit apart from the durability, is they are scratch resistant. Unlike plastic (Acrylic or Polyurethane) which can be scratched but is generally cheap.

Metal frames can look classier, but they are less durable, so I wouldn’t suggest wearing them whilst mountain biking! In saying that, metal frames are a popular material as they can be tailored to various face sizes.

Acetate is also a plastic but we’re not going to treat it as one. This is because it’s stronger and has ranges of flexibility way beyond normal plastic. Add to this the fact colours can be imbedded into the material, as opposed to layered externally like paint, and you have yourself a nice durable frame.

If you’re a sports junkie and need a pair for adventure sports, your best choice is going to be a Nylon frame which offers great flexibility for a great price. They’re lightweight, strong and are resistant to fluctuating temperatures which is perfect for snowboarding or rock climbing.

Your only other choice is Polycarbonate which is also a nice option for sporting activities. They are not as flexible as Nylon but are very rigid, durable and have great resistance against impacts.


There’s a number of varieties of lens types, but we’re concentrating on polarized lenses which are made specifically for eye protection from the sun. Not that you’ll notice them, but polarized lenses have horizontally aligned polarizing micro crystals which help block light coming from a vertical direction, and in doing so, offer protection from eye irritation.

Specifically, they are most suitable for water and snow sports, as the reflection of these surfaces is so much more pronounced. Most of us know about UV (which includes UVB & UVA) rays and how harmful they can be to our precious eyes. It only makes sense to buy polarized sunglasses if entering into the harsh elements we’re being exposed to.

So, we’ve created a list below of the top polarized sunglasses for men that we’ve sourced this year which includes a variety of styles. They’re all perfect for sitting around you barbecue but some are more specifically designed for particular activities. Hopefully this gives you an idea as to what’s out there.

#1 - Oakley Men's Flak 2.0 Polarized Iridium Sunglasses

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? Polarized Iridium lenses
? 100% UV protection
? Sports style



You know the Oakley brand as one that is trustworthy, and they’ve come out with the cool Flak 2.0 sunglasses with are made for ultra-sharp clarity for that next bicycle ride of yours. With cyclists in mind (not that you need to be a peddler) Oakley have been creating high tech sunglasses for years and this is their latest patent.

You’ll love the high definition optics that have been introduced into the Flak 2.0, which optimizes every millimetre of the enhanced lens. This is so important when cycling so that your vision is crystal clear when approaching sharp bends or rough terrain.

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Your standard size frame is durable yet lightweight making use of all the technology that’s gone into this pair of sports sunnies. With unobtanium for a secure grip, I love the shape of these frames with their rigid flow.

The 59mm wide lenses offer 100% UV protection and are coated in polarized Iridium. This is what makes the lenses even stronger due to the Iridium, a chemical element that provides a corrosion-resistant metal that can withstand excessive temperatures.

Having taken these sunglasses for a test run, I found them to be so comfortable I forgot I was wearing them.

Great features include:

  • 100% UV protection
  • Sports style
  • Polarized Iridium
  • Enhanced Lenses

I love Oakley sunglasses and whilst I experimented with different brands, I come back to Oakley for my sports sunglasses. The clarity and comfort seem to outdo the others in this regard.

#2 - Vintage Prada Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

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? Case & cloth included
? Aviation design
? High quality