Best Gas Barbecue Grills 2018

The Science Behind a Great Barbecue

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It won’t cost you anything extra.


Yes! It’s exciting, you’re on the hunt for a new man toy. Whilst the old BBQ has given up the ghost, you’re now spying for the best gas barbecue grills, to grab the perfect one for your outdoor cooking area.

Your old barbecue has been surviving by a thread, rusted corners and edges are fraying as each week goes by, and your wife has told you it now looks dangerous. This is the exact trigger you’ve been listening for. A perfectly acceptable reason to purchase a brand new, top of the range (or lower-range in some cases) outdoor gas barbecue grill that will spruce up your back yard.

Hallelujah, so let’s go hunting! We’ve listed the best gas barbecue grills for this year, but first, a guide to buying a gas barbecue so that you get the right one. You really don’t want to get the new beast home, only to find that it doesn’t connect to your gas supply. So, check out these tips and you’ll be on your way to an awesome new BBQ.

Gas Barbecue Grills Buying Guide

There’s a few matters to keep in mind when heading into your BBQ store. Here’s some of those concerns to look out for.

Type of Gas

Your choices are basically restricted to LP gas (Liquid Propane) or Natural gas. The most common choice for barbecues is LP Gas, as it comes contained in portable tanks that can be used at home or taken on camping trips.

Here’s a tip to keep in mind, always keep a second LP Gas tank as a backup. When the tank gets low, it can be difficult to tell when it’s going to run out of gas. There’s nothing worse than setting your pork with crackling for 2 hours. Then leaving to have a beer with your mates, only to return and find the meat cooked for 10 minutes before running out of gas.

Not only is this embarrassing, your guests will be starving by the time the meat is cooked!

The natural gas option is less common and a more permanent choice. Natural gas is mostly methane and is dispersed from your house to the barbecue grill via a pipeline. As working with natural gas supplies is dangerous, you’ll require a specialized contractor to make the connection.


The range of portable barbecues are vast, and some are more mobile than others. Smaller BBQ’s like the popular weber-Q are ideal for camping trips or even home apartments that don’t have room for a larger barbecue. However, the smaller and more mobile barbecues are also less powerful with usually only one burner.

There is a magnitude larger than these, that is also portable and is your common backyard size. A freestanding barbecue is generally on wheels so can be manoeuvred to various locations around your garden. These can commonly provide you with 1- 4 burners.
You can however go all out to impress with a large 6 burner barbecue that comes complete with a sink, range-hood, cabinets and any other bells and whistles you can think of.

Considerations to think about are, how often will you need to feed loads of people? Do you really require a huge beast of a barbecue if its not necessary? You’ll only pay too much for little usage and a lot of cleaning.

So, consider how much you’ll use your barbecue, and your size limitations to determine which sized BBQ is right for your circumstance.


You may want to consider the cooking surface of your barbecue grill which differs with various sizes. Smaller barbecues tend to have only a grilled surface whereas larger units will usually sport a split cooking surface with half being a grill, and the other half being a hotplate. The hotplate feature makes cooking vegetables, prawns, onions etc much easier.

Some larger barbecues will also have a hood attached which allows for oven type cooking. This is favourable for cooking roasts or pizza as it traps the heat in. If you do find a suitable barbecue with a rangehood, make sure the hood has a thermostat on the cover, it helps with keeping your food from burning.

You’ll find that most barbecues, big or small, now come with an automatic ignition which is usually battery operated. Some ignitions have been known to have difficult to replace battery positioning, so look for an easy to replace unit.

This may sound odd but if you are looking at a barbecue with more than one burner, check that all the burners are controlled separately. This is so you can cook various foods at various temperatures in various locations. Why on earth you’d have all burners controlled with the one knob is ludicrous, but they are available. You really don’t need to waste gas if you can help it.


Look for various accessories that will come with your barbecue, sometimes you can get a great deal thrown in. (If not, always ask for a set of steak knives, they can only say no!).

Some of the extras you may appreciate are listed here. Certainly, a barbecue cover is a great accessory that you may want added. This is especially true if you live near the coast as salt air can corrode and rust your cooker.

Other extras include a pizza stone, BBQ trolley, warming racks, fish catchers, smoke box or a hotplate. If you don’t have BBQ cooking implements then you may want to purchase these, as you can’t turn meat with your fingers! Simple mitts and gloves are also a great idea.

If you’re going all out with the built-in barbecue, adding a fridge and sink are two of the big-ticket items that will make all your mates jealous!


All barbecues require some type of assembly, even a small Weber Q will need a minor amount of construction. So even though you must prepare yourself for assembly, certainly if you purchase online, most instructions are fairly straight forward. If unsure, get a second opinion from a family member or neighbour.

If you buy from a hardware or specialised BBQ store, they may well offer some sort assembly service.

So now you know what considerations to keep in mind when searching for a barbecue, here’s our list of the best gas barbecue grills for this year.

#1 - Weber Spirit E310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill