Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Men 2021

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Christmas is fast approaching and you’ve got to buy for your dad, brother, husband, partner or son. So let’s get you some ideas happening! There’s loads of ideas out there, so I’ve compiled a list of the top ten Christmas gifts for men this year.


#1 - Magnelex Best Magnetic Wristband

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  • Strong & Durable with 9 Internal Magnets
  • Wide Surface for More Parts
  • Adjustable Velcro Strap


  • No Long or Heavy Items

Ideal for the home handyman, you’ll find this magnetic wrist strap will be perfect to keep multiple screws, nuts and bolts with you in all situations. The amount of times I’ve been up a ladder fixing a household appliance with only enough room in my hand for a few screws.

Even when attempting to clutch screws or nails, they often slip through the cracks between your fingers. I don’t know which genius came up with this idea but simple gadgets like this are often the most effective.

This super strong wrist strap would be a great Xmas gift for those looking for something cheap for dad.

Here’s the features list:

  • Strong and durable materials including 9 internal magnets for great holding power.
  • You’ll love the wide surface which will allow for lots of screws, bolts or nuts to stick to you whilst manoeuvring around.
  • It’s made from quality polyester which is high quality and ergonomic. The materials are also lightweight so you won’t feel like it’s weighing you down. Unless you hang a magnetic shifter from it!
  • The adjustable Velcro strap means it’s a one size fits all. So there’s no need to select a size then purchasing.
    Ideal for working in tight areas or when scaling a ladder.

Although it holds small fittings very well, one thing to be aware of is the length of attachments. If you place long bolts on the magnetic wrist strap, they can tend to be knocked off.

If all you need to attach is small screws, nuts or nails, this is a perfect little gadget.

With a 4.5-star rating from over 500 reviews, you’ll be picking up an awesome gift for any man.

#2 - Beyerdynamic PRO Studio Headphones

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? Comfortable Memory Foam Pads
? Stylish Natural Open Design
? Analytical or Well Balanced Sound Choice


? Faultless

Does the man in your life deserve a new pair of cool headphones this Christmas? One of the top brands of today is Beyerdynamic and currently they have a great headset available for a nice price.

They’re number 1 for a reason and that’s because studio technicians and broadcasters the world over continue to use their amazing products.

This pair of studio reference headphones will offer critical precision and high quality power output.

Here’s what you can expect in terms of features:

  • You’ll find these headphones are extremely comfortable due to the memory foam cushioning. Your ears will not feel disturbed or annoyed.
  • Replaceable velour ear pads will offer you 2 different types of sound tuning. Choose between a deliberate analytical sound or well balanced sound. All pads are included.
  • You will love the stylish design with its natural open circumoral style. I found the size to be perfect to cover my ears without looking or feeling to bulky.
  • Ideal for any type of gift such as Xmas, Father’s Day or even a bridal gift such as groomsmen.
  • Headphone frequency response : 5-40,000 Hz
  • Nominal sound pressure level : 102 dBSPL (1mW/500Hz)

These headphones are a long term investment that will keep any man happy. Like most German made products, quality is front of mind along with detail.

The reviews with this headset are outstanding which you can view by clicking on the ‘Check it Out’ button. If you’re interested in all the specifications, you can also check this out too.

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#3 - PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console

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? Lighter, Slimmer Version
? 1tb of Data
? Add Apps like Netflix or Hulu
? Easy Setup


? 1 Controller

So what’s better for a bloke than a PS4 console! Just about any man will love this PS4 gaming console if they’re a big kid like me.
The great thing about buying a PlayStation 4 now is that they’ve come down in price since they first came out a few years ago. So, this is your opportunity to grab one for under $300.

I’m not talking about the bottom version either. You’ll get the full 1tb of data to store downloaded games or movies on. Oh, did you not know that movies can be watched on a PS4? They sure can and you can rent or buy them from the PlayStation store.

Great features of the PS4 are listed here:

  • This is the lighter, slimmer version of thE PlayStation which will benefit any user, especially if you intend moving it from room to room.
  • 1tb of data is huge capacity for storing movies or games so you won’t be limited with space available on your PS4.
  • You’ll also appreciate being able to add apps such as Netflix, Amazon video or Hulu.
  • It’s also easy to setup with all the cables and a controller included.

Just one thing of note is that only one controller is included in with the console. This is standard as all PS4 consoles only offer the single console. I suppose not everyone plays with an additional person by their side.

If your male in the family loves gaming or is a sports fanatic that you think would enjoy FIFA, then they’d really get joy from this PlayStation 4.

With a 4.6-star rating from over 1000 reviews, it’s a winner.

#4 - Viper Tool Storage 9 Drawer Tool Chest

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? Strong 18 Gauge Steel
? Chest Lid with Gas Struts
? Locking System
? Powder Coated


? On the Expensive Side

Does your dad or hubby have tools scattered around the shed with nowhere to store them? Maybe he has a tool box but it’s falling apart due to the inadequacy of the materials used to make it.

Does he deserve something better? A quality piece of tool design that he’ll be proud to use. I know I would!

Finding a Xmas gift with a difference can sometimes be difficult but we’ve got you covered here. Take a look at this fine looking tool chest which will last for years to come.

With loads of room including 9 drawers for storing all the necessary tools, any man would love this. Just check out these features:

  • Strong and durable as it’s made with 18 gauge steel, which is approximately 1/20 of an inch thick.
  • You’ll love the gas struts that give hydraulic movement of the chest lid. It just ads that little bit of luxury to your new tool chest.
  • Obviously you won’t want your tools stolen, so they’ve included a cam lock for security. This will secure all the drawers with the one locking mechanism. A tool chest of this quality deserves a locking system.
  • The powder coated finish gives a touch of class and perfection. I find this so much nicer than hard plastic tool boxes. (Although I do have one of those also!)
  • So how do you lift this thing? With 2 x side handles of course.
  • And the drawers! Yep, they’re full-extension ball bearing on the slides so they run as smooth as silk.
  • The drawers also have a rubber dent system that ensures the drawers stay closed. It’s still recommended to lock the drawers however, should you decide to move it around.
  • Oh, and there’s a choice of 4 colours.

You’ll really appreciate the heavy duty construction that’s gone into this storage chest. You can get all the specifications of all the drawer sizes by clicking on the ‘Check it Out’ button.

The overall dimensions of this tool chest are 42-inch x 17 ⅝-inch x 20.5-inch. The size is larger than it looks in the image.

#5 - Apple MacBook Air 13-Inch Laptop

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? 13.3 Inches Laptop Screen
? HD FaceTime camera
? Backlit Yeyboard
? 128gb or 256gb Storage



How about an Apple MacBook to satisfy him. You won’t believe how cheap you can pick one of these up for.

If you’re thinking of buying a laptop as a Xmas gift this year, you may as well get the best for what you can afford. An Apple MacBook is the bees-knees of laptops which will be much appreciated when received.

I’ve been using a MacBook to write for this website and wouldn’t use anything else. Not everyone is an advocate for Apple and I used to be one of them. However, since I changed to an iPhone and followed up with a MacBook, I’ve been thrilled with the security and syncing.
The benefits of this Apple MacBook are listed below:

  • The laptop screen display size is 13.3 inches, which is an ideal size for multiple uses such as writing on the train.
  • There’s an integrated HD FaceTime camera for communicating with family or friends.
  • You’ll love the full size backlit keyboard which adds a bit of pizazz to you daily pc usage.
  • You will also get a choice of 128gb or 256gb of storage space. Obviously the cost will be a little more for the latter option.

You know you’re getting a great product when over 450 reviews offer a 4.6-star rating. If you want to know all the specification with this MacBook, simply click on the ‘Check it Out’ button.

Digital technology is not for every male, but if it was me, I’d love it. There’s many blokes out there that appreciate technology and the man in your life could be this person. It’s a great Xmas gift at a really great price.

#6 - Echo Smart speaker with Alexa (2nd Generation)

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? Call or Message Hands-Free
? Play Music From Various Sources
? Get News or Sports Scores
? Control Your Smart Home


? Sound Could be Slightly Better

These type of devices are all the rage currently, many people opting for the other brand being the Google Home. But why pay the extra for the brand name when the Alexa does just as good a job?

So, what is the Alexa smart speaker and how will it benefit any gift recipient?

Basically, you’ll find the Alexa smart speaker will be you static home robot. The speaker can be used for any purpose you can think of such as music, answer phone, calling, internet searching and so on.

So instead of sitting down to your computer, or opening up your tablet to search for something, simply ask your speaker a question. Ask it to play music, ask it the answer to trivia questions or useful information.

Great features of this Alexa smart speaker are listed below:

  • You’ll really like the fact that you can call or message anyone hands-free just by using this speaker. There’s no need to even pick up your phone.
  • Play music, just by asking for a particular song or artist. Alexa will use Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora or other different sources to find what you’re after.
  • Ask questions such as sports scores, weather or news. Alexa will give you the answers to the questions you seek.
  • You can even control the smart devices in your home from this device. Smart lights, thermostats, sprinklers or your garage door can be controlled with voice recognition.
  • Controlling the sound of the Dolby speaker with your voice can be achieved also. Features such as the bass or treble can be adjusted easily.

This would be an amazing gift for anyone and it comes in 5 available colors. Walnut, sandstone, oak, heather Grey and charcoal are the color options.

Over 25,000 customers have given an average star rating of 4.5, that’s impressive.

#7 - XL Heavy Duty Double Camping Hammock

Customer Reviews



? Strong, Holds up to 500 Pounds
? Ultra Lightweight
? Shackles and Straps Included
? Storage Pouch


? Need a Couple of trees!

Oh yeah, how much would any bloke love this! At a really nice price for kids to buy for dads, this hammock would be a real winner.

It can be used at home in the garden or take it with you on camping trips. You’ll just need to ensure you’re near a couple of substantial trees! Wouldn’t it make everyone else envious when dad or hubby is swinging in this with a beer in hand. In-fact it’s a double hammock so you can hop in with him.

This hammock it a beauty and you’ll appreciate these features:

  • If this is for a larger person than the weight limit is really going to help. As the hammock is made from triple stitched 210T nylon, it can hold up to 500 pounds. Perfect to fit 2 large people.
  • It’s also ultra lightweight and extremely durable. The breathable material helps with comfort levels and will keep you cooler in hot conditions.
  • You’ll get everything included for erecting the hammock such as 2 carabiners (shackles) and 2 durable straps to attach to trees.
  • There’s also a compact pouch to place everything away when not in use. This is great so you won’t lose any important parts.

If you were to buy one of these hammocks as a Xmas gift, I doubt you’d double up. It’s a unique gift that nobody else will think of and your recipient will not expect.

It’s been rated 4.8-stars from well over 100 reviews which is a great strike rate.

You can find out many more specifications and check the reviews by clicking on the ‘Check it Out’ button.

Engraved Whiskey Decanter

#8 - Fossil Q Men's Stainless Steel Hybrid Smartwatch

Customer Reviews



? Get Notifications on Your Watch
? 12 Month Battery
? Water Resistant to 100ft
? iPhone & Android Compatible


? Battery Requires Replacing

Have you ever seen a smartwatch that looks like this! Neat isn’t it.

It looks to much of a classic a timepiece to be considered a smartwatch, but it will connect to your iPhone or Android device without a problem.

There’s no need to charge this smartwatch either because it runs of a standard watch battery. Any man will appreciate getting notifications from this watch instead of having to check their phone all the time. Here’s what benefits you’ll get:

  • Activity tracking, smartphone notifications, custom goal setting, sleep monitoring, customization buttons & automatic time zone updates. Your notification will alert you via a gentle buzz
  • Based on average usage, the battery life should last approximately 12 months. Not bad considering it’s a computer rather than just a watch.
  • It’s water resistant to 100 feet or approximately 30m. Who’d image you could take digital technology under water!
  • The smartwatch is iPhone and Android compatible which will benefit any smartphone user. It’s also Bluetooth smart-enabled with an improved data transfer of 4.1 Low Energy.

Most gentlemen would appreciate a lovely smartwatch as classy as this one. It’s been given a 5-star rating from over 10 customers, acknowledging the popularity. This will be popular around Xmas time.

#9 - Team Golf NFL Golf Umbrella

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?  62” Diameter Double Canopy
?  All NFL Teams
?  100% Nylon Fabric


? None

Now, what bloke doesn’t play golf and wouldn’t appreciate this NFL golf umbrella as a Xmas gift. Available in all teams colors, you’ll be able to get under your playing partners skin when it rains!

All golfers need an umbrella for those miserable conditions that we insist on playing in. So why not grab him an umbrella to be proud of.
It’s well made and a great size. Here’s the details:

  • At 62”, it will keep any golfer dry when the conditions turn for the worst. The length of this umbrella is 39.5” which will fit snugly in the umbrella slot down the side of the golf bag.
  • You’ll benefit from buying this as a gift as it comes boxed. This makes it simple to wrap.
  • It’s made from 100% nylon fabric and has a push button to open up. It closes just as easy by reaching inside and pulling down.
  • The umbrella has a double canopy, made with sheath material that is designed to withstand strong winds.

Golf is one of the biggest sports or pastimes in the world and every golfer needs a golfing umbrella. It’s makes a great golfing gift. This one has been rated 4.6-stars from over 350 customers. That’s one darn impressive rating.

Find out more by clicking on the ‘Check it Out’ button. Here you can read the reviews and check out any other specifications you require.

#10 - VICTONY Dash Cam

Customer Reviews



?  HD 1080P display
?  Built-in G-sensor
?  Super Night Version
?  Loop Recording


? None

One of the most popular devices going around that can save you big time, in a time of crisis. With litigation being a part of life these days, keeping a record of your driving, and the drivers around you could be so handy.

Cyclists and drivers don’t always get along, and often accidents are not always the drivers fault. Keeping a video record can prove your innocence when someone intends to take you on. This is where this Victony dash cam will be a top item this Xmas.

With full HD 1080P display, you’ll have a clear video every time.Pictures are precise and the view range is 120-degrees.
Here’s the other great features you’ll love:

  • It has a 2.4″ LCD display which can show the real time image to help you adjust installation angle. The 1080P HD image quality is amazing and even works well in low illumination conditions.
  • Comes with a built-in G-sensor which can detect a shake or sudden jolt. This will lock the footage and prevent any overwritten recording. You can still go back and restore a terrifying moment or accident.
  • Night time driving is not an issue with Super Night Version and WDR (wide dynamic range) Technology. License plates are easily seen in darkness.
  • Loop recording, motion detection, license plate stamp, timestamp, auto power off, screensaver and burst photo are all features of this quality dash cam.

This is a great idea for any bloke that drives a car, which over 90% of males. It’s recommended to use a Micro SD card class 10 no more than 32GB to use with the dash cam. This is not included.

Over 60 verified customers have given this a perfect rating of 5-stars! Now that’s a good buy.


Xmas is not too far away and you have a man to buy for. All these products have been popular additions to Amazon in the last year which makes them top sellers for this Xmas.

I’ll give you a tip. I’m a man and I love sports, digital products and the outdoors. Stick to these activities and you’ll be on safe grounds. Unless you know your man better, then follow your gut!


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