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If you enjoy red wines, you know how important it is to let them breathe before taking that first sip. As oxygen mingles with the wine, it softens the tannins and releases aromas. If you don’t mind waiting, you can pour the bottle into a decanter to increase the surface area of the wine. Even simply opening the bottle or swirling your glass will encourage the aeration process. But when you can’t wait to fully enjoy that gorgeous red wine you just opened, we recommend using an aerator. These handy wine accessories will aerate your wine directly from the bottle so you can enjoy them immediately. Here are seven of the best wine aerators, including handheld, pourer, and electric one-touch styles.

Handheld Aerators

Handheld aerators are a quick way to aerate an entire bottle of wine or just dispense it glass by glass. Hold the aerator over your glass, pour the wine through the top, and enjoy that first taste.

These aerators are slightly bulky by design, making them easy to grip and balance as you pour. Many of them also come with a base to hold the aerator when it’s not in use. This is important because although the shape is ergonomic, they are easy to tip over. Fortunately they also tend to be sturdy. Although many also claim to be top rack safe, we recommend washing this type of aerator by hand.

1. Vinturi V1010 Essential Red Wine Aerator

The Vinturi V1010 Essential Red Wine Aerator is another of the best wine aerators available. It has a gorgeous design and, like the Vinograd, comes with a storage base and a filter. This is one of the most popular handheld aerators on the market and its reputation is well-deserved. The designers boast that this model optimizes the way oxygen mixes with the wine as it travels through the chamber, and we believe them.

2. Vinluxe Pro Wine Aerator

The Vinluxe is a newer handheld wine aerator that is getting rave reviews. The chamber design gives it a sleek, interesting profile and the aeration levels are excellent. It comes with a stand, plus a drawstring bag for storage. Although it doesn’t have as many accessories as the two above, it still makes a beautiful gift for the wine lover in your life.

Aerating Pourers

This type of aerators fits directly into the top of a wine bottle and in some cases stoppers it well enough for storage. Many also have built-in filters which saves you from carrying one more accessory. While more convenient than handheld aerators, they don’t aerate quite as efficiently. Still, we love the ease with which you can make the rounds at a party, pouring for others while keeping your own glass in hand.

3. Vinetto Wine Aerator Pourer

The Vinetto is one of our favorite aerating pourers. This pourer fits snugly into the top of the wine bottle and aerates the wine beautifully. We also love the shape of the spout, with its long neck and anti-drip design.

This is also one of the most affordable aerators, making it ideal for wine tastings. You can fit one to each of the red wines you plan to taste and not worry about changing them over during the party.

4. Nuance Wine Finer

While we love the look of the Vinetto pourer, the Nuance Wine Finer is our favorite aerating pourer. It’s made of rubber and fitted with stainless steel filters to remove sediment and bits of cork from the wine. The drip catcher works perfectly so that not a drop is lost.

The Nuance Wine Finer also comes with a stopper, so you can keep unfinished bottles fresh until you’re ready to drink them again. Then again, once you taste the difference, unfinished bottles might become a thing of the past.

One-Touch Electric Aerators

If you want a higher-tech solution, you’ll love electric aerators. With just a touch, you can dispense aerated wine from the bottle to your glass. No need to even lift the bottle. In fact, if you like, your guests can serve themselves! Because there’s no need to tilt and pour, sediment will remain behind.

5. Nutrichef Electric Wine Aerator Pump

The Nutrichef Electric Wine Aerator Pump is one of the more affordable one-touch aerators. It’s compact, battery-powered, and fits all types of wine bottles. Although the fit to the bottle is snug, it attaches and detaches quite easily. This kit comes with both hard and flexible straws to be sure you get every last drop from the bottle.

We also love that the Nutrichef comes with a soft fabric bag to protect the metal finish while you store or transport it. While it has more moving parts than handheld aerators or pourers, it’s still easy to clean.

6. Aervana Original: One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator

If you’re willing to spend a little more, we highly recommend the Aervana Original. Touted as a luxury wine aerator, it still comes in under $100 which we think is an absolute steal. It claims to offer the best air contact of all aerators in its class, all the while keeping the sediment at the bottom of the bottle where it belongs.

Like the Nutrichef, the Aervana is battery-powered and easily portable. We love the elegant tap design and the feel of the button on the dispenser. Trust us, this is the dispenser to buy when you want to impress. Delight your guests with a perfectly aerated red right from the bottle, all with the push of a button.

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