5 Best Outdoor Patio Propane Heaters

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Do you remember the days when you strolled into your local village, or to the city for a meal and saw for the first time, outdoor heaters that allowed for more customers to dine out in the elements? Well, those outdoor heaters are now even more popular and they’re not just for fancy restaurants. It seems anyone can buy one of these heaters now, even from their local hardware store. So below is a list of the best outdoor patio propane heaters that we’ve sourced this year.

But which one do you buy and how are they fueled. We’ve written a small buyers guide below to help you decide on which heater to buy. As far as running your heater goes, we’re going to concentrate on the outdoor patio propane heater. There’s 2 reasons for this. Firstly, it’s a more efficient heater and produces more heat than an electric heater. The second reason being that it’s doesn’t require leads or cords like an electric heater does.

So, for the reasons above, we’ve listed the 5 best outdoor patio propane heaters available today in our opinion. Below we’ll indicate some of the considerations to think about when making a purchase of a new outdoor patio heater.


Outdoor Patio Propane Heater – Buying Guide

Doesn’t every man-cave or outdoor garden area deserve one of the best outdoor patio propane heaters to warm everyone up? Especially now that they’re so much more affordable than when they first appeared on the market. Things change rapidly in this world and now that they’ve been around a while, the costs have come down considerably.

That doesn’t mean to say you can just go a buy the cheapest patio heater out there. There’s still considerations to be made as to why you’ll buy a particular heater. So, let’s go through some of these factors.


Your ideal patio heater needs to be stable enough to stand strong winds and young children! You may think I’m kidding but young children are unpredictable and for this reason alone, you’ll want either a heater that is very stable, or one that can be anchored. Another alternative if you cannot find a sturdy enough heater, is to put objects around the heater. Chairs being the perfect foil for kids. This is more of a visual barrier.

Some patio heaters can allow the wind to breeze through, which counteracts the wind velocity to blow it over. Others are basically the main stand and top burner. But the capping on top of the burner, which is used to keep the heat from rising, can collect the wind. Just be aware that you may need to put certain heater styles in more sheltered positions.

Correct Heat

Before you purchase, you will know the rough area that you are required to heat. There’s such a measurement known as the BTU (British Thermal Unit).

There’s a great BTU calculator over at Heat Talk that will calculate the exact BTU you require. You can check this to find out the right amount of energy required to produce enough heat for your desired area. Then, check the BTU output on the product specifications.

Safety First

Apart from stability, make sure you don’t have a too large BTU output (see above). This can result in your small patio garden being singed by a patio heater that is way too powerful.

Something to check is the ignition switch, which should be easily accessible. You want your temperature controls within easy reach also. If the heater is getting too hot, you must be able to access these controls to turn it off.

Also look for CSA Approval (Canadian Standards Association).

Rust Resistant

You’ll want a well-designed unit that is also rust proof. These heaters are made for the outdoors, so it should be made from whether proof materials. Stainless-steel is always a good material for its durability and strength, and you’ll want it coated in a rust-proof finish.

So, these are just some pointers for you to consider. The following is our list of the 5 best outdoor patio propane heaters we’ve found for this year.

Household Efficiency.

I figure it also pays to give a little guidance on you household efficiency. I’ve recently stumbled upon a great article that explains how you can efficiently run your household to reduce your utility bills. You may get some benefit from this article as it shows you the most efficient way to heat a house.

This takes into account size and location of heat pumps, furnace efficiency and whether radiant wall and floor heating is ideal.

#1 - Lava Heat Italia Propane Patio Heater

Customer Reviews



? Adjustable Temperature Settings
? Spiral Flame Within Tempered Glass Tubing
? Protective Commercial Grade Steel Grill
? CSA Certified


? No cover supplied

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘You get what to pay for’. Well, it rings truer with an item such as this. And when flames are concerned, you don’t want to get it wrong. This would be the number one rated outdoor patio propane heater that is currently available on Amazon.

Standing at 6-feet tall, it pumps out a wonderful amount of heat due to the 36,000 BTU’s that we talked about in the buyer’s guide. This is enough to warm up a 5-6-foot radius which makes it perfect for sitting around enjoying the lighting ambience on chilly nights.

Apart from the heat strength, here’s what else I like about this great outdoor heater:

  • It comes with adjustable temperature settings that are easily accessible.
  • I really like the tempered glass tubing which encloses the elegant spiral flame. The spiral flame technology adds an unusual display of luxury.
  • Surrounding the flames tube is a protective one-piece commercial grade steel grill that is safe to touch as it’s heat-resistant. It will also protect you and your children from getting too close to the flame.
  • The heater is easily assembled and comes with simple instructions. It’s actually partly constructed when you receive it.
  • Of course, its CSA certified.
  • There’s a large storage area that will accommodate your propane gas tank, although as with nearly all outdoor heaters, the propane tank is not included.

The easier you can start an outdoor patio heater the better, and this model has an electric ignition which is easily triggered with a push button.

The Italian company ‘Milano’ is located in a proud area of Northern Italy that boasts a rich history of industry and design. They are known for their well-crafted products and this is no different.

Unfortunately, the outdoor heater does not come with a cover, but you can purchase a cover separately. You will however, like the 3-year warranty offered with this outdoor patio heater. 18 customers have all rated this 5-stars, so you know you’re on a winner.

#2 - Belleze Pyramid Propane Medium Commercial Heater

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