Top Christmas Gift Baskets for Men 2021

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Hampers have always been a traditional Xmas type of gift and are extremely popular. This is especially true with family overseas, and the internet has made it so easy to send these types of gifts to your loved ones.

Not all hampers are the same though, they don’t have to be filled with Xmas type foods. Take these Christmas gift baskets for men for instance. They are varied to some degree with alternative goodies that would please any gent. Some are barbecue focused, others feature ‘hot & spicy’ adornments.

#1 - Dan the Sausageman's Mt. Rainier Gourmet Gift Basket

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How does a gourmet sausage hamper sound! I know I’d love a hamper with these types of products included, it’s every mans dream.

Have you ever heard of ‘Dan the Sausageman’? With a name like this, how could you go wrong. Dan the Sausageman has created this Mt. Rainier Gourmet Gift Basket which will please any sausage lover. Here’s what’s included in the gift basket:

  • Dan’s Original Recipe Summer Sausage (10oz)
  • Roasted Garlic Red Pepper Sausage (10oz)
  • Wisconsin Cheddar (4oz)
  • Swiss Cheese (4oz)
  • Dan’s original Sweet n’ Hot Mustard (1.75oz)
  • Berry Pistachio Mix (1.85oz)
  • Anna Pantry’s Pretzels (3oz)
  • Nunes Farm Caramels (6pcs.)

How does that sound for the man in your life.

Understandably, this item will not ship internationally due to it being a food item. I’ll also make note that due to weather condition in some areas, some foods such as chocolate may be substituted with other items of equal or greater value.

From the verified sales of this gift basket, all customers rated it either 4 or 5 star.

#2 - The Man Can Gift Basket

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Do you know a gent that cares about his appearance? You wouldn’t be the only one, as so many men these days care more for their image than they did years ago. Presentation of one’s appearance is important, so we’ve found a cool gift hamper for Xmas.

It’s known as ‘The Man Can Gift Basket’ and is chock full of grooming and men’s skin care products. Okay, it’s not chock full but there some great stuff inside. Here’s what you’ll find in The man Can:

  • Licorice Fisherman’s Scrub Soap
  • Heavy-Duty Hand Butter
  • Spicy Shave Gel
  • Bay Rum Oil Aftershave
  • Body Sponge

Not only do you receive all this, it comes in a handy paint can with bottle opener attached. You’ll love this unique and unusual men’s gift basket which will surprise and bloke.

It’s got a fairly good average rating of 4.2-stars from 15 sales as of writing this review.

#3 - GRILL MASTER, The Complete Gourmet Grilling Collection

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Well now, who do you know that loves his barbecue grill! Everyone knows somebody that thinks they are the best BBQ chef on the planet, but I bet you they’ve never seen a gift basket like this. Well, not quite a gift basket, but a gift set.

Any good BBQ grill expert knows, that adding secret ingredients to the mix is a formula for a successful meal. This gift set includes some amazing spice sets that will set the BBQ chef apart from the rest.

Here’s what Rubs and Seasonings you’ll find:

  • Chicago Steak and Chop: Sea salt, pepper, garlic and red pepper
  • Kansas City Classic Rub: Brown sugar, ancho, chipotle and allspice
  • Argentina Steak Rub: Red pepper, oregano, sea salt and citrus
  • Sonoma Pepper: Citrus peels, garlic and Tellicherry pepper

And now the choice’s of Dryglaze:

  • Athenian Herb Dryglaze: Honey granules melt with thyme and sundried tomato
  • Vermont Grill Dryglaze: Maple sugar melts with sage and thyme
  • Santa Fe BBQ Dryglaze: Honey granules melt with chili pepper and garlic
  • Mandarin Ginger Dryglaze: Demarara sugar melts with horseradish powder, orange peel and garlic

They all sound tasty right! This is a gourmet cupboard essential that any barbecue enthusiast will enjoy.

It’s been given 4.1-stars which is peculiar as many customers have said what a great gift it is, yet rated it only 4-stars, which brings the average down.

#4 - Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Gift Set

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Perhaps hot sauces are your thing, or certainly for somebody you know. We all have one, a mate that thinks he can handle the hottest sauces, spices and foods on the planet. There’s always a show off that loves to sweat more than anyone else from chilli’s and peppers.

So here’s your chance to get him what he wants, the ultimate Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Gift Set. It’s an ideal gift for that person that loves it hotter than hot. Here’s what you’ll find in this hot gift set.

  • Book – Zombie Cajun Chronicles
  • Zombie Cajun Sauce
  • Antidote Sauce
  • Garlic Sauce
  • Lagniappe

Each traditional hot sauce flavor comes from the slow-aged cayenne pepper. You will never have tasted anything like this.

Over 900 customers have rated this 4.7-stars so you know it’s a top product. Hot stuff!


Christmas is coming quick and you need to make a decision on what you’re going to buy for all the men in your life. Hampers are such an simple idea that is also effective. Most people love a hamper, it’s nearly as good as receiving a gift card!

These gift baskets/gift sets are aimed at the perfect gentleman. Sometimes you just need to think outside the square a little.

If you’d like to share your favourite with us, please feel free to add to the discussion below.



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