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Funny Clean Memes – Introduction

Your man cave is your men’s hibernation and entertainment world, it consumes you and your mates for hours upon hours and gives so much pleasure that you can just forget the outside world. However, if your man cave is bland and has no lusciousness to speak of, you’ll find your mates shifting allegiances to your neighbor.

So, fitting out your room with awesome man cave furniture, sports memorabilia and cool funny signage will keep them returning for more laughs and sports watching. So, with this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of funny clean memes (clean just in case the kids come in!) that will amuse the shallowest of people. When finding these cool clean memes, we took dirty to mean crude, rude or offensive.

We don’t believe these funny clean memes will offend but will put smiles on most faces. Have a browse and a giggle and click on the image if you intend getting more specifications or pricing.

#1 - Stop Drinking! Funny Man Cave Sign

Customer Reviews



? Hilariously funny sign
? Made from all-weather metal
? Fast shipping


? Doesn’t ship to all countries

You’ll get loads of laughs with hilarious man-cave sign which reads “I Told Myself That I Should Stop DRINKING But I’m Not About To Listen To A DRUNK That Talks To Himself”.

No matter what theme your man-can or pool room is, this type of sign is going to improve the lightheartedness and buoyancy, and show your humorous side.

The sign will last extremely well as its made from all-weather metal and would look perfect above your liquor cabinet or home bar. It measures 8” x 12” and you’ll find that shipping is fast according to all the customers reviews.

The sign is made in the USA, and unfortunately only ships to a small number of locations internationally.

Great features include:

  • All-weather metal sign
  • 8” x 12”
  • Hilarious slogan
  • Fast shipping

17 happy customers have rated this 4.9-stars proving a huge hit. Any guests of yours that set eyes on your funny drinking meme will appreciate the humor and laugh their socks off. This is the type signage that makes a man-cave shine.

#2 - Open Door Policy Bar Sign

Customer Reviews



? Hand made sign
? Bottle opener attached
? Custom wording


? No returns for custom or personalised orders

How’s this for a funny beer sign, it even includes a bottle opener to boot! I must admit, I didn’t notice it in the image at first but above the writing is a very useful tool to remove your bottle top. What better addition could you ask for on such an appropriate sign.

You’ll love the wording on this sign stating “Our house has an open door policy…..BRING BEER and we’ll open the door”. Very amusing and you’ll give a nice hint to your visitors.

Another aspect about this sign is that you can have it personalized. In-fact you can have it custom made to suit your own wording and even colors.

A beer bottle opener sign like this is an awesome gift idea for birthdays, Xmas or any other occasion. Do you know someone that is having a man-cave opening party? How well will this sign go down as a moving in present! Have the writing custom made to suit the occasion.

Great features include:

  • Bottle shaped design
  • Bottle opener fitted
  • Custom wording
  • Hand made

You can even have a gift message made to send with this if it’s a gift. I really like this, it’s a nice touch.

The company that makes these memes also have a wide range of other products that can also be custom made. Click on the ‘Check it Out’ button to view this item and more of their products and specifications. You’ll also receive fast shipping and they accept returns and exchanges.

#3 - No Working During Drinking Hours Funny Sign

Customer Reviews



? Retro vintage sign
? Pre-drilled holes for hanging
? 20cm x 30cm metal sign


? Not always available

Oh yes, I really like this one! Suggesting you’ve had enough of work and cannot possibly work during your drinking hours, it would fit the bill in so many households. Perfect for your man-cave and would be ideal above your bar.

Made to look from a retro vintage era, the quality is exceptional. Although it may look old in appearance, the signs are washed with water transfer printing technology to give the old character feel. The signs are made from metal and come with 2 pre-drilled holes making it easier for you to hang. It is a great size at 20cm x 30cm (7.87” X 11.8”).

Your sign will come secured in a poly bag (polyethylene bag) and look exactly like the image shown. These are a very popular sign and unfortunately, they are not always available. You’ll know if they are in stock by clicking on the image and searching directly below the title of the product.

If they are available and you like the look of this sign, you probably want to investigate one immediately before they run out again. For some reason, they just sell so well.

Great features include:

  • Metal sign
  • Size 20cm x 30cm
  • Retro vintage look
  • Pre-drilled hanging holes

Rating 4.7-stars from 15 customers on Amazon, this is one awesome sign that would go in your garage, man-cave or pool room. Check out the customer reviews, they love it.

#4 - Hangover-Memories Bar Sign

Customer Reviews



? 4 Sizes available
? PDF download
? Suitable for many materials


? File only

Here’s an unusual form of signage for you. Instead of purchasing the whole sign, you are only purchasing the PDF file. This is why it’s relatively cheap, you buy the files and download them to print yourself.

You’ll be given 4 different size PDF’s to download so you can choose the correct size that meets your needs. The sizes are as follows:

  • 5″x7″
  • 8″x10″
  • 8.5″x11″
  • 11″x14″

Once downloaded and you’ve selected the size you need, either print it yourself of have a professional printing organization print it on your selected material. A canvas print always looks classy, but you may choose to have it printed on tin or timber as a sign for your man-cave. Okay, not a garage or grungy man-cave, more a stylish gentleman’s room!

The funny slogan is a classic that states “The hangover lasts a day but the memories last a lifetime”. If you click on the image you will see that this is promoted as a wedding gift, but we thought it would make a great man-cave sign.

The company that makes these have a number of slogans that you may appreciate, which you can view once taken to Etsy via clicking on the accompanying link.

Great features include:

  • PDF download
  • 4 Sizes available
  • Suitable for many surfaces

It’s a more unique way of having a sign made but it also gives you more flexibility than just purchasing a sign directly on a particular material.

#5 - Weekend Funny Tin Bar Sign

Customer Reviews



? Bright vivid colors
? 20cm x 30cm metal sign
? Pre-drilled hanging holes


? Does not ship to all countries

Don’t we all!

Another sign that could be so appropriate in so many households. I have one in my man-cave and pray to it every Saturday night, wishing for that extra day that is made for hangovers! I hate wasting Sundays with a hangover.

You’ll get loads of giggles from this well-made metal sign that measures 20cm x 30cm (7.87 X 11.8 inch). A great size for a bar, pool room or garage. Similar to a previous sign we’ve reviewed, it comes with pre-drilled holes to help you hang the sign. Ideally, you’ll screw it to a wall, this way it will not go anywhere.

You’ll notice the bright vivid colors, I must say, I’m not sure if I like the vividness or not. It may brighten up a darker man-cave, but it looks like it would suit the old fluorescent says. Still, it can certainly be read very easily.

The sign comes in a poly bag keeping it nice and secure.

Great features include:

  • 20cm x 30cm
  • Vivid colors
  • Strong metal sign
  • Pre-drilled holes for hanging

It’s been noted that the service and shipping has been very fast and over 10 customers have given this a 4.7-star rating. Damn funny sign!

#6 - If I Agreed Funny Bar Sign

Customer Reviews



? Custom signs available
? Timber pine
? Sawtooth Hanger attached


? International shipping can be expensive

Why is it that when I see this sign, I think of my wife! I’m sure she thinks the same of me! With a witty saying of “If I Agreed With You, We’d Both Be Wrong”, it will make any guest smile.

You’ll really appreciate that this is a lovely piece of artwork which is handmade on timber pine. Your message (which can be custom made) will be sealed and the background of the timber offers a choice of colors. 10 colors in-fact, making your new sign exactly how you’d like it to suit your desired room.

Your new sign needs to be hung on a wall, so a sawtooth hanging clip is attached to the back to make hanging easier.

With many other designs and templates available, you may find many of these designs are right up your street. Just bring your sense of humor with you and you’ll pick up a ripper.

Great features include:

  • Timber pine sign
  • Hilarious signage
  • Sawtooth hanger attachment
  • Customs signs available

You’ll appreciate this sign is good clean fun and would suit not only a man-cave, but any leisure room that you use for entertaining. Check out the reviews and other specifications by clicking on the image.

#7 - 24 Hours Beer Funny Tin Sign