In general, I’d say that personalized beer glasses are not worth anything to anyone else. I’ve had a personalized beer glass myself, and I’m sure nobody was interested in it at the end of its life.

Having said that, you may find some unusual circumstances which may make personalized beer glasses more valuable. It would also depend on the recipient, and what they consider value.

Here’s a few things that could be taken into consideration.

Signed Editions

It’s possible that you have taken your special beer glass out to a sporting event, maybe the golf for instance, in the hope that you have the chance for a well known player to sign your beer glass.

Just like people get T-shirts signed, with the right type of marker, you can have an extremely unusual signed piece of memorabilia. This could be very valuable to others, depending on one aspect.

If you decide to have the signed beer glass personalized with your name, this will not be as valuable to somebody else. Just the celebrity’s name will be more valuable.

Emotional Ties

So you have a beer glass that was your fathers, and it was personally engraved for his birthday or anniversary. This is something that will be valuable to other family members.

On the other hand, you may have an extremely close friend, or somebody that was like a father to you. Obtaining a personalized beer glass after they’ve passed away could mean a great deal.

Emotional gifts are very common and create a tight sentimental trigger, which is more valuable in terms of personal rather than monetary worth.

Remember The Old Dimple Beer Pint Glass


Of course there’s the extra valuable commodity of the actual quality and rarity of the beer glass in question. Maybe you’ve sourced personalized beer glass that is etched into a quality product made from pure crystal.

I know that if I had the chance to purchase a Stella Artois pure Swarovski limited edition piece of artwork like this, I couldn’t care less who’s name was engraved on it.

Stella Artois Limited Edition Beer Glass

However, if it was the name of somebody famous or a personal connection to me, it would be of greater value.


We all know that numbered prints can be valuable, but what about numbered pint beer glasses? Why not, they’re just like crockery and cutlery.

In the same vein as limited edition copies, beer glasses can be numbered but rare to find. Limited Editions on the other hand are easier to find, and usually come about as they are no longer manufactured.

Either of these can also be personalized, but probably don’t make them more valuable.

Final Thoughts

Personalized beer glasses can be worth something to the right person in the right circumstance. Depending on your situation, you may find more value from an emotional point of view, and this can often override any monetary worth.

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