Often an ideal gift for your groomsmen, birthday present or just for your home bar, a nice set of personalized beer pint glasses in either a set of 4 or 2 is a brilliant touch.

There’re many places you can source these, but my preference is to buy online. It’s not like you’re trying on a pair of shoes, so why not just have a store send it out to you.

I’ve sourced some great pint sets that come in either sets of 4 or sets of 2. Some offer more than just the pint glasses, there’s extra niceties included.

Here’s what I’ve come across.

1) Maverick Personalized Beer Pint Glasses Set 2

Did you ever think some beer pint glasses could be compiled around a 30 Cal ammo can! Well not only that, there’s an additional optionally engraved 50 caliber bottle opener.

Maverick Personalized Beer Pint Glasses Set

But you’d be mainly purchasing this for the pint glasses, which anyone would appreciate. The pint glasses measure 7.25” x 3.5” each, and hold 16 standard ounces (genuine pint).

But what makes this unique Maverick beer set stand out is the repurposed military surplus ammo can. These gift sets are an official US armed services live round ammunition box, making this a more personal item.

The 2 personalized beer pints are also accompanied by a razor-sharp lock-back knife and a hulking, 50 caliber bullet bottle opener that can be engraved for an additional fee.


  • Ammo can (4” x 7” x 10”) and each 16oz pint glass measures 7.25” x 3.5”
  • Personalized pint glasses and 30 Caliber ammo can, featuring heroic Maverick design
  • Lock-back knife with wooden handle and a stealthy blackout finish to match bullet bottle opener
  • 50 caliber bottle opener which can be optionally engraved.
  • Ideal groomsman/best man gift.

We found this over at Home Wet Bar here.

2) Maltese Cross Beer Cap Map And 4 Pint Set

Commonly associated with the firefighters around the world, the Maltese Cross is a symbol that stands for pride and firefighter brotherhood.

Maltese Cross Personalized Beer Pint Glasses Set of 4

So combining this with a couple of your favorite pint glasses is such a brilliant idea. The Maltese Cross in this instance is actually a beer cap map. It certainly saves on tossing your beer caps away.

Whenever you get a new beer cap that is different to all the rest, fill it into your Maltese Cross map. The map even comes with a Fire Department pewter crest centrally placed.

Your four 16 oz. Pint glasses can all be personalized with the full name and year of your choice.


  • Maltese Cross beer cap map with pre-drilled holes.
  • 4 x beer 6″ tall pint glasses.
  • Holding 60 bottle caps, the bottle cap map measures 15″ x 15″.
  • Personalized beer pints with the name and year of your choice.

We found this over at Home Wet Bar here.

3) Custom Etched Pint Glasses Set of 4

There’s several shapes of beer glass that one may consider the perfect to hold. In my opinion, I love this shape of beer glass. Don’t get me wrong, my all time favorite is the stocky {dimpled version you can find here}, but the long sleek flow of these beer pints are extremely nice.

Etched Personalized Beer Pint Glasses Set of 4

Each of these four 16 oz. pint glasses can be custom etched with personalization at no extra cost. You can choose to have all engraving the same, or choose a different etching for each pint.

The beer pints are strong enough to be dishwasher safe, which is always a bonus. Who enjoys washing up by hand!

Another nice touch is the complementary gift boxing should you purchase these as a gift.


  • 4 sleek 16 oz. pint beer glasses
  • Personalization. All identical or each different.
  • Dishwasher Safe.
  • Complimentary Gift Boxes

We found this at Etsy here.

4) Fremont Personalized Beer Gift Box Set of 2

I really like these special boxed sets that include more than just the item you’re after. Obviously you’re here to find some nice personalized pint glasses, but how about the extras you’ll get with this set.

Fremont-Boxed Personalized Beer Pint Glasses Set of 2

Of course the beer pint glasses are perfect for a coldie, especially when they are custom engraved with a title, name, and date. Ideal for offering as a gift.

But you’ll also appreciate the 64 oz. growler for transporting beer. It’s made from stainless steel and also comes engraved to match the pint glasses.

Not only that, two wooden coasters which can optionally be personalized, along with a handsome black gift box to keep everything together. You won’t need an extra bottle opener here, because the wooden coasters double as a bottle opener. Brilliant!


  • Neat personalized black gift box.
  • Personalized growler & 2 x Pint glasses.
  • 2 wooden coasters that also serve as a bottle opener. (Engraving optional).
  • Black gift box is black stained Baltic birch wood.

We found this over at Home Wet Bar here.

5) M8 Design Pub Pint Engraved Personalized Set of 4

For a touch of difference in the personalized beer glass etching, you may want to consider this raised looking monogram design. Again, this is a set of 4 and each glass can have a different initial and name.

Engraved M8 Personalized Beer Pint Glasses Set of 4

The carvings are quite unusual, with the background of the design being deeply carved by their master craftsmen using a sand carving technique, making it uniquely 3D.

The 16 oz. glassware is strong and is dishwasher safe.

Although these are perfect as a gift, I believe they’d be best for a group of mates to get together around the card table. That’s just my opinion.


  • Engraved and personalized set of 4 pint glasses.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Unique 3D design.
  • Personalization. All identical or each glass different.

We found this at CrystalImagery (via Etsy) here.

6) Oakmont Custom Spiegelau IPA x2 Glasses

Now if you’re after a very different design with your beer pint glasses, how about these 2 Oakmont Custom Spiegelau IPA for size.

Oakmont Speigelau Personalized Beer Pint Glasses Set of 2

I just adore the shape at the base of these glasses, which is highly unusual. Apparently they are expertly designed to enhance the flavors and aromas of all of your favorite beers.

The idea is that the narrow ridges at the cone-shaped base guide even the subtlest of tastes to the bulb. This allows for the fullest of taste with nothing left behind. I haven’t tried them myself, but the reviews are very complementary.

You’ll get both glasses personalized with a name and initial of your choosing. As a slight bonus, each glass holds 19oz., slightly more than a genuine pint.


  • 19 oz. beer glasses with rigid base.
  • Specially crafted to enhance the taste and aroma of beer.
  • Personalized with name and initial of your choosing.
  • Perfect gift for housewarming, wedding or birthday.

We found this over at Home Wet Bar here.

7) Sons of Anarchy Set of 4 Pint Glasses

I really do love a handmade product, and that’s what these ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Pint glasses are. It’s an unusual request isn’t it, but it may just be right up your ally.

Sons of Anarchy Personalized Beer Pint Glasses Set of 4

The Sons of Anarchy crime series has been a huge hit, and some people may just get a buzz out of sipping on a pint related to this program.

The 4 various beer pint glasses each have a different design, stated below:

  • Fear The Reaper
  • S x A Ride or Die
  • Sons Of Anarchy Redwood Original

Although the glasses are not handmade, the unique designs are. I believe this is a limited product and will only be available for a limited time. So be quick if this is your thing.


  • 4 Different Sons Of Anarchy designs.
  • Genuine pint glasses.
  • Limited Stock.

We found this at AcornsToOak (via Etsy) here.

8) Oakmont Personalized Beer Nut & Glass Set of 2

Now I believe there’s nothing better to go with beer than a packet of nuts. That’s the general consensus out there, but it’s not my thing. I hate nuts personally, but hey, whatever. You are what you eat ;).

Oakmont Bullet Personalized Beer Pint Glasses Set of 2

I’m more of a pizza and beer sort of bloke, but I do appreciate the beautiful Oakmont personalized gift set offered here. Sure, it comes with two bags of beer nuts, but that’s not really why you’d buy it.

Look at what else it comes with. 2 wonderfully engraved 25 oz beer mugs. Yep, they’re quite a bit more than a pint, which generally holds 16 oz. So you really get your money worth when you get it filled.

There’s also a bullet bottle opener and wooden gift box made of black stained Baltic birch wood. The box measures 12.25″ x 9.75″ x 5.5″ and is personalized for the new owner.

This is a very stylish set of pint glasses.


  • Two 25 oz. personalized beer mugs with a name and initial.
  • A 12.25″ x 9.75″ x 5.5″ stylish gift box.
  • Bullet bottle opener with optional engraving.
  • Two bags of beer nuts

We found this over at Home Wet Bar here.

9) Stanford Personalized.50 Cal Ammo Can Set

Imagine getting hold of a genuine military-grade .50 caliber ammunition can, and combining it with beer! Yeah, with two 16 oz. pint glasses to share with a best mate. They come together as an ideal gift.

Stanford Ammo Personalized Beer Pint Glasses Set of 2

So what else is included? Not just the pint glasses and ammo can gift box, but there’s also a unique hatchet, and liquor flask which also comes personalized.

As a special keepsake, everything is personalized with a title, name, and date, all except the hatchet.

I really like the idea of including a trusty liquor flask in this gift set. It’s not only practical, but is not neat and beautiful on the eye.


2 x Pint glasses which hold 16 oz.
6 oz. personalized engraved flask.
12” x 7.5” x 6” genuine military-grade .50 caliber ammo can.
Razor sharp hatchet.

We found this over at Home Wet Bar here. Unfortunately, the cigars in the image are not included.

Both Etsy and Home Wet Bar offer unique beer sets with 2 or 4 glasses. I’m loath to add Amazon here as they seem to be fairly stock standard sets rather that offering an individual touch.

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