Scholarships for Single Fathers

One of the great opportunities that dads can apply for is scholarships for single fathers. This is not isolated to just single fathers, it’s just that this demographic is often unsure if they can further their education in this way.Scholarships for Single Fathers girl water

We all want to get ahead in this area of life and we all want the best for our children. This includes fathers as well as mothers but for some reason, single fathers don’t seem to get the air time or recognition that single mothers get. We have loads of websites dedicated to single mothers offering advice and opportunities, but rarely do we associate the same with fathers.

These same opportunities are available to single fathers also, such as parental support, furthering education and fathers’ clubs. The word just needs to get circulated so that single fathers do not feel isolated or abandoned.

Think about it dads out there. You want the best for your children and showing them that you can further your skills by applying for a scholarship at any age will raise their belief in you. Show them the way to get ahead in life and give purpose to your own being. If you have a lowly paid job, pursuing a highly paid career is only going to benefit you and your children.

One of the biggest hurdles single fathers face is finding the time to commit to an educational course. But this can be achieved if you use your spare time wisely. It may be easier for some dads that only have their children a few days per week, other fathers have them full time which makes it so much more difficult.

Can I Apply at My Age?

Why not? Every country has its own set of rules and regulations regarding adults returning to further their education. In the USA there is no age limit for receiving the Federal Student Aid. You simply need to complete a FAFSA form and be sure to get it submitted before any deadlines expire.

Thousands of scholarships are offered each year and its up to you to apply for them. It’s advised to apply for as many as possible, you can always knock them back if you are accepted into 2 or 3.

As a single parent, the funds you receive from the federal student aid can be used to pay for costs such as child care whilst you go to school. There is a Financial Aid Administrator who can determine how much funding each student receives. It is possible to talk to the financial aid office about having dependent care expenses added to the attendance cost.

Where Can I Find Scholarships?

Here’ a good starting point. CareerOneStop has a variety of scholarships available for you to browse through. You’ll find thousands of opportunities to choose from and you can filter by your interests.

Many other scholarships can be found through religious or civic groups, organizations, federal agencies or even local businesses.

For something a bit more exotic, you could apply for a scholarship overseas. This could be a problem for single fathers with children that need to stay in their own country with their mother. However, if you are the sole parent and have no location restrictions, you could apply for an Australian Scholarship.

If you’ve ever worked in the armed forces you could apply for a scholarship under the veteran’s benefits.


Other Considerations

If your children are very young, it may be possible to bring them to school with you! Some campuses have day-care facilities which can be very beneficial for single fathers or mothers.

To better suit your daily organizing schedule, you may find that some schools will offer online tutorage. This can be a great option if you still need to work day-time hours to make ends meet.

Options Abound

As you can see, there are more options than you thought possible and a scholarship as a single father is not out of the question. Whether it be an on-campus or an online course, there are availabilities in many fields.

Don’t be left to linger in your current situation if you have a lowly paid job, you’ve got many years ahead of you so take advantage of it. Time does go quickly when you look back on it. This may be the best thing you could ever do for yourself and your kids.

Alternates to a Scholarship

If you think that a scholarship is not for you because you cannot possibly find the time or academics is not your strong point, there is no reason not to see what else is available to you.

If you love working with your hands you may be able to find someone that will offer you a trades apprenticeship.

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Being a single parent is hard whether you’re a father or a mother, but fathers can often feel less inclusive. My advice is to get out there and join a club or two. Join a sporting or activity club in which your children can also become members.

Keep pursuing a career that you can be proud of and give your children someone in which they can be inspired to become. There’s a whole world of opportunities out there to be grasped, so take your moment when it presents and build on your skill set.

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