It happens to many, many people including loads of men. The thought of turning up to interviews, speaking in front of groups or even just meeting clients. The pressure that people feel with the apprehension of meeting people, talking to colleges or superiors can be enormous.

For others, this is either a small issue or they can thrive on the excitement that they will oversee a meeting or presentation. Challenging situations can bring out the best in people but often have the reverse effect in others.

Known as introverts, this group of people are quite happy in their own company. They don’t seek attention and would rather go under the radar. But here’s the dilemma that introverts have. Like everyone else, they need to work for a living and bring in an income. We all must pay the bills and shy people are no different.

So, what are the options as far as work goes. Are there jobs that are more suited to people that don’t seek conversation or chance meetings? Well, the good news is that jobs do exist where there’s minimal contact with other people. The bad news is, there are not too many of these about, unless you create your own job. I’ll get to that later.

Here’s a list of some jobs that may interest those introverted types:

Animal Husbandry or Animal Care Specialist

Keep away from people and take solace in animals! Absolutely perfect if you’re an animal lover, animal husbandry consists of the science of breeding farm animals which also includes caring for and rearing them. An animal care specialist on the other hand, look after all kinds of animals that have been injured or not well looked after, with the intention to have them find a new home.

Web Designer

A job that can be done in the safety of the home environment. Web designers can create loads of various website designs and sell them on their own website. You may not need to talk to anyone. Many web designers work for clients, so they will have to communicate with them, but this is not a necessity. Have a full catalogue of designs setup on your website and have them linked so you can be paid through PayPal.

Freelance Photographer

Wouldn’t it be nice to travel the world taking photos for a living? Even introverted people can love their travel. Freelance photographers can take photos of any genre and upload them to the web for sale. Alternatively, and a better option, is to try and sell them to newspapers or magazines. Once you have your foot in the door with some agency contacts, this can be a great little earner.

Freelance writer

In a similar vain to freelance photography, write about your travels, arts, computers, in-fact anything you can think about, can be written about. If you have a love of writing and have a great knack of expressing yourself through words, then you will be sought after. Work for independent contractors in print or online media and it could pay handsomely.


If you don’t mind doing all the nitty-gritty work for presenters, then you may become their researcher. You’ll be the one to read lots of information and decypher graphs, and every so often conduct studies for your research and then analyze the results so your presenter can perform his or her task of getting that data across to their audience. You won’t have to interact with anyone except the presenter.


Whilst you’ll be responsible for the upkeep of a building and its premises, you’ll basically be doing it alone. Some janitors work when the office workers have left for the day, so evening work could be required. This may also suit many people who don’t have family. Your duties will be to keep the building clean and tidy by sweeping and washing floors, windows etc. Depending on the company, you may be provided with a uniform.


I mentioned earlier about creating your own job, well it is possible to sit at home and write a blog. The only pitfalls to this, is that it can take some time until you earn any income. However, it your start by doing a few hours after work each day, by the time 6-12 months comes around, you may be able to throw your job in.

Blogging usually entails affiliate marketing which consists of advertising other company’s goods. If somebody makes a purchase after clicking on the item you promoted, you make a commission. Some people can earn lots from this if they lean how to do it the correct way. You can learn all about at our article titled How to Blog About Beer and Profit in 6 Months.


There are many other jobs that introverts can do such as a train driver or an inventor. It’s not easy for introverts to find their place in the world and finding the perfect job is one of the most challenging things to get right before moving forward. Once you’ve found the job that is right for you, it becomes a feeling of relief that you can turn up to work without apprehension.

Best of luck in finding that perfect career.

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