Have you ever wanted to know the secrets behind barbecue cooking like a Pitmaster? Ever wondered why your recipes that you think are extraordinary, don’t win competitions? Every year, men from all over the US compete for championship status as the Pitmaster grand champion, the best barbecue chef in the district. If this is your thing, there’s no reason this cannot be you.

The Main Event

How to cook a barbecue image1Although we all know there is a television series about Pitmasters that has been running since 2009, this has inspired similar competitions which are extremely popular. Along with some competitions that had already evolved, you’ll find most of these are part of cooking festivals. For your info, here’s a full list of BBQ cooking events.

Some of these events offer lucrative rewards with thousands of dollars to be won. But it’s more about the prestige of being crowned the top BBQ chef, ‘King of the Grill’ if you will!

Not only are these events extremely popular, the calibre of the contestant’s results is amazing due to the nature of the competitiveness. Nobody intends to go home a loser, but obviously there can only be one champion. So how do you become one?

You Just Want to be a Good BBQ Cook

So, you’re not interested in Barbecue competitions, you simply want to be admired in your BBQ apron and serve the greatest barbecue food possible to your friends and family. Theory’s about how to cook the best barbecue food are floated around between mates, guru’s, so called experts or anyone else intent on having an opinion. Unfortunately, many of these opinions conflict each other.

Take for instance the ideal that steaks should be flipped only once, cooking one side then the other but not flipping back again. Others believe this is not the case and that it all depends on the temperature of your barbecue. So, which is correct?

How to Beat Other Contestants.

We’ll we’ve sourced an eBook that will teach you how to cook your barbecued food good enough to win contests. Even if this is not your intention and you only want to learn for your own knowledge, it’s the ultimate guide to barbecue cooking and will not cost you the earth.

If you do have the desire to excel at Pitmaster contests and have to chance of winning rewards and prizes, you need to get this. The information in this book is diverse and explained in terms that anyone can comprehend.

What’s in the eBook?

The ebook covers many areas from marinading and injecting to smoking and brining. Here’s a brief list of just some of what’s on the menu:

  • Cookers (Giving information on the various types of barbecue cookers available such as vertical smokers, offset smokers, kettle grills, ceramic smokers and the best gas barbecue grills.
  • Types of Wood
  • Fire Management (Wood/Charcoal)
  • ‘Flavours’ of Wood (oak, hickory, mesquite, pecan, apple etc)
  • Brining
  • Marinating and Injecting
  • Rubs
  • Finishing Sauces
  • Regional Barbecue Sauce Variations
  • Chicken
  • Pork Ribs
  • Pork Butts & Shoulders
  • Beef Brisket
  • Sample Contest Timeline
  • Smoking a Turkey
  • Smoked Side Dishes
  • Spiral Cut or Jellyroll cut Port Loin & Beef Tenderloin
  • Reverse Sear Steak Recipe (Finney Method)
  • Trimming Spareribs St Louis Style
  • Barbecue Recipe Science
  • BBQ Competitions
    o How Contests are Usually Conducted
    o How to Start a BBQ Team
    o BBQ Associations
    o Fun of Competing
    o What you Need to Get Started
    o Packing Checklist
  • Resource Page

Why is This Different to Family Recommendations?

Of course, you have a polite family, of course your friends and family are going to complement you on your cooking skills and say how delicious your food is. It’s human nature to endorse those around you and approve anything they put in front of you.

In the past (or currently) you may be asking for opinions from these people who are only going to acclaim your barbecuing efforts. However, once you get to the barbecue competition and cook up a storm to be presented to the judges, the truth will be told.

Judges at these competitions don’t know you, there is no connectivity or companionship between them and you. So why would they offer you great scores unless they are deserved. And another thing, do you even know what the judges are looking for in a great barbecued meal?

Can This Book Allow You to Reach the Pinnacle?

The author of this book decided to take his own BBQ judging course to find out what exactly the judges were looking for. This included things like flavor profiles amongst other things. This knowledge allowed him to go on and win 8 BBQ cooking contests over the next 2 years and now he’s documented all this in the eBook.

It’s now your chance to take advantage of his knowledge and put it in to action yourself. Go out and win titles yourself prove that you too can succeed at being an ultimate Pitmaster.

Or better still, use this knowledge to open a barbecue restaurant if this is your passion. The knowledge gained from this book could take you places you’d always desired in the world of barbecue cooking. If you’d like to grab a copy, simply click on the link below.

Once you’ve mastered the art of barbecue cooking, you can check out our article on how to clean your barbecue grill which will give you tips and advice so your BBQ stays immaculate and ready for use every time you cook.

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