Have you ever considered beginning your own woodworking business from home? Maybe it’s crossed your mind but you don’t have the right pathway or plan of attack to get up and running.

Whether you’re an experienced woodworker or you dabble in this type of passion, and figure you’re pretty good at it, it IS possible to start making a living from this kind of hobby.

I’ve found an awesome guide that can teach all that needs to be taught.

Ideally you’ll begin small and grow your business when the time is right for you. This can be a part time income earner forever, or you can choose to make it a full time career. The choice is yours and you’ll be glad you checked out this guide first.

Whats Inside – The Principles to Success

how to start a woodworking business from home1The guide focuses on 3 principles.

  1. What – What items you actually going to make to profit from.
  2. Who – Who are going to be your buyers.
  3. Where – From where will you sell the items you craft.

As this is not just a hobby where you’ll sell to a few neighbours or friends, it goes into more depth than that, to show how you can bring in as much earnings as possible.

You’ll benefit from the tutorials of how to build this business, firstly by what it is you’ll actually make from wood.

Knowing how to sell your wooden furniture or small crafts to an eager audience is so much easier when you have a guide to help you along.


What Details Will You Discover Inside – Insider Secrets

  • Everyone benefits from step-by-step instructions and this is exactly what you’ll get here. Not only step-by-step instructions on how to build furniture and crafts, but also how to make money selling these products.
  • You’ll learn how to set up a small business for under $1000 which is a very minor amount when you consider the costs involved for other small businesses. You won’t even need lots of expensive power tools.
  • Many people struggle at this but you will learn how to market to interested buyers. There are little known secrets as to how this is achieved, you will find it all in the guide.
  • How cool would it be to learn how to make small, high margin crafts that can be made in batches. You will learn this and how to make them with only the basic of woodworking tools.
  • There are a number of small high profit woodworking niches that can be leveraged by you. These niches are all in the guide along with the top 10 profitable crafts that sell.
  • Marketing your small business is crucial and the tips in this guide are geared towards reaching your highest potential. You’ll learn how to find customers that are in demand for your products, the cycle of feverish markets and marketing words that will entice your potential buyers to purchase and your previous buyers to repeat buy.
  • Every now and again you may deal with a customer complaint. You’ll be taught how to deal with these  customers (which the larger retails developed), to make them purchase more from you!
  • Testimonials are always beneficial to a business and you can find out how your customers will be pleased to offer you a testimonial for free.
  • Knowing where and how to buy materials at much cheaper prices to going to benefit you big time. This can all be found in the WoodProfits guide.
  • A full range of woodworking tips is also included that you can master as you progress in this field. You may already be a master of this trade, if not, you soon will be.

How Are You With the Internet

Honestly, the online world is not that difficult. This guide is going to show you how to get started with setting up a website and giving yourself an online presence.

With billions of people having access to the internet, you’ll be blown away how easy it is to get customers coming to you by searching for the products you’ll be selling.

Building a website takes no coding experience. I’ll let you in on a secret. I built this website initially with 5 clicks using this website builder.

If you want a new online career selling other peoples products, go head over to these guys.

This WoodProfits guide will also give you real case studies of successful woodworking businesses that are earning great incomes.

Getting Down to Business – The Business Plan

What about learning how to run a small business. Here’s what you’ll be taught in the guide.

  • Nobody likes to be taken for a ride when it comes to paying for items. The information in this guide will help with paying less for your products and materials so you have more money in your pocket.
  • There is legal advice from legal experts on tax and licensing. It may not be the most interesting information you’ll read but you will need to know it.
  • If you intend scaling your business then the guide will advise you how to increase your chances to get commercial contracts. This is not for everyone but it’s there if you decide upon this down the track.
  • Your business will excel if you have an online presence and you’ll be learning the smart way to market your services.
  • Craft Fairs and Trade shows can be very advantageous for promotion of your services and there’s great advice on this also.

Do You Require Experience

Well, it probably helps if you haven’t been a white collar worker all your life but yes, anyone can do this. If you are willing to learn and can follow the plans and guides then there is no reason anyone can’t succeed.

For the sake of $37, it’s not a lot of money to fork out for the guide, and then decide if you think it’s for you. Woodworking is not for everyone but the passion is there for many of us. So why not give it a shot.

And The Rest Is Up To You

So decide for yourself. You can check out the guide by clicking on the large blue button dotted around on this page. As an added bonus the guide will come with a book titled ‘500+ Wood Crafts & Furniture Plans’. This book is not available anywhere else.

If you’re after a career change and are passionate about woodworking then this may be a great opportunity for you. Even if you’re just looking to sell some crafts or furniture on the side, small profits are better than none. You may not learn how to build an underground bunker you’ll have access to everything but.

You will never run out of projects to build with hundreds of various sized woodworking ideas and step-by-step plans. The great thing is, it can all be done in your garden shed.

Learning how to run a small business is so advantageous anyway, you’ll be leaning so much for this small cost.

For more information and access to the WoodProfits guide, click below.

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