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It won’t cost you anything extra.

The More Expensive Ideal

Wouldn’t we all adore our own landscaped front garden. Or for that matter, back garden. But it’s the front garden that most would love to show off to our neighbours and local visitors. The opportunity is available to have this achieved but the cost is a major one.

Landscape gardeners do a terrific job of sprucing up run down or neglected gardens, but unfortunately, they also know how to charge. We all must earn an income for a living, and so do landscapers, but setting aside disposable income for our garden can be difficult when there’s so many more important outgoings to pay.

So, where else can we look to that is a little cheaper than the local landscaper? Of course, we can google landscaping images to get ideas of how we’d like our garden to look. This can be an ideal way to search for new products and how they may look in a garden.

Magazines are another good way to get the landscaping creative juices flowing but all you really get are a couple of images and a small write-up. You really need instructions that are much more substantial. Something you can work from and get an idea of how the plan flows through your garden.

What You Can Do About It!

No, I’m not in the position where I outlay hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to hire a landscape designer to sketch up a few plans, when I can pay a much smaller amount, and receive loads of inexpensive landscaping ideas with pictures, plans and tips. That’s right, my barman directed me in the direction of a lady called Helen Whitfield, who has spent 5 years compiling a comprehensive landscaping resource. You can find it at the link below.

She was a landscape designer for 18 years but has decided to help by creating this valuable resource at a very reasonable price of under $30. So that’s the cost of 2 or 3 magazines that you could go and buy, but you’ll receive so much more detailed information.

What’s Inside the Resource?

Well, you’ll be blown away by the amount of designs. How long do you have!

  • You’ll receive thousands of high quality landscaping designs for loads of different situations. Whether it be your front yard, back yard or garden beds, there’s multiple designs available.
  • Each design comes with step-by-step detailed instructions so you can build your landscaping area from start to finish in a professional manner.
  • Depending on your level, there are Professional & Basic designs to suit your level of expertise. If you are handy with garden tools, then browse through the Pro designs.
  • 64 Galleries of photos of various fields of landscape. You will find Front Yards, Back, Yards, Pools, Gazebos, Fountains, Facades, Garages and much more.
  • You’ll find various appeals within design to gather ideas for garden atmosphere such as relaxed or formal design.
  • You will also receive lifetime upgrades, so whenever the database is updated, you’ll have access to these fresh designs.

Understandably, cost can be a major issue, which is the main reason behind the creation of this resource. You don’t need the hassle of organizing a landscape designer, waiting for them to arrive at your home at a convenient time for you, waiting for them to design your plan, then waiting for implementation.

Grab this guide so you can create the perfect outdoor living area to suit your lifestyle. Whether you have a pool to landscape, garden shed to blend in to the garden, a driveway that needs a freshen up or decks, pathways or patios to enhance your outdoor space, you have nothing to lose.

At this price, if you find it can’t help you, simply get your money back within 60 days. I’d be surprised should you need to act on this though, with 7250+ Plans & Projects to sort through, there has got to be a design for you! The link is below.


So, it’s totally up to you. Go ahead and pay up to a thousand dollars, or even more to have a landscape designer do what he does best, whilst inadvertently paying over-the-top prices for their services. Or alternatively, get this cheaper option that will allow you to prepare you own landscaping via the 7000+ plans, images and videos.

You’ll also note that at times when this system is on sale, there’s also some added extra’s thrown in. I cannot guarantee that this will be the case when you click in the below link, but often you will receive these added gems.

  • ‘Landscaping Secrets Revealed Guide’
  • ‘Save On Energy Costs – Green Home Guide’
  • ‘How To Grow Organic Vegetables’

If they are available for free, you’re in luck. If they are not, then I wouldn’t worry, that’s not what you’re signing up for in the first place. So, click the link below if you’re interested.

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